Sunday, January 25, 2015

Frustrated? Keep Moving

I've been going to a chiropractor. I see him three times a week bc I like giving money to a guy who could literally pop my head off.

I didn't believe I really needed a chiro. I didn't believe they worked! I thought they were all crooked.I still think most are.

Then last year Matt messed up his back something fierce. A friend gave him the name of a chiro that could fix him. ("Ya right." I thought.) He came home after the first visit and said, "He wants me to come in 3 times a week." I can't remember my exact reaction but I'm sure rolling of the eyes and "Of course he does." In a super sarcastic tone all happened.

Crazy thing though. He fixed Matt. Now Matt knows exactly what it feels like when his back isn't right. It doesn't cause him pain like before but he knows if something is barely out of whack. He now has a properly functioning back and goes once a week to maintain that.

Back to my story. The chiro showed me my X-rays. Sure enough. My atlas was out of alignment. (I gathered this bc of the head stands.) I also had 3 vertebrae out of alignment in my thoracic area. Three! I had no idea.

I have lived however long with these 3 verts all messed up. Who knows what all I could have alleviated had I just tried the chiro. Had I given him ample time to do what he does.

I left that day wishing he could fix me in one crack. "That would save some money!" I thought.

But that isn't how it works. Some things take time. I have to see him 3 times a week for a month, at least. He told me, "My goal is to fix you in as little time as possible." I nearly hugged him. I can appreciate very much, being told that.

On Wednesday, he cracked me and I felt great. On Thursday, I turned my head during yoga & it cracked all the way up. I felt instant burning and then a slight headache. Awesome.

So I made an appt to see him on a day I wasn't supposed to. Getting well can be 5 steps forward and 6 steps back sometimes. Nothing good or worth fighting for is always positive steps. Think about that. Marriage? Nope. Parenting? Nope. Our faith? Nope. We make great strides only to have a bad week and we eat crap. You and the spouse have a date night planned and you end up fighting over stupid stuff as you are getting ready. You wake up saying, "Today. Today I will not lose my temper." And before you leave the house for school you have yelled, threatened and cried.

Forwards and backwards. Like the ocean. The waves never stop. They never give up.

So if you are trying to improve your life? Give that chiro a fighting chance. Give Plexus a real fighting chance. Forgive yourself when you fail. We are running a race friends. Your health is worth the battle. Lace up the shoes. Grab a buddy & keep going. Don't be afraid to walk.

Remember! At least you are moving.

Monday, January 19, 2015

I Don't Lose Weight On Plexus.... And You Might Not Either

*tap tap tap*

*blows dust off*


Yes, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. I have dusted off the keyboard, I remembered all my log-in info and I am going to try and blog... again. Of course, I should emphasize the word "try."

So, did the title get your attention? It did mine and I was the one that thought of it!! Now my blogging mind is a little out of practice thanks to facebook so show me a little grace.

I was asked recently, "You said on FB that you had been on Plexus a year. It's totally none of my business but how much weight (or inches) you had lost."

So I texted her pics of my measurements. Which contained 4" from my gut and 5" from my thigh in 6 weeks.

Then she asked, "Do you think it was more Plexus or working out? OR maybe Plexus helped you feel better so you could workout??"

Those question got me thinking and actually I have been doing a lot of thinking about this. A lot.

How can I sell a product (Slim) that touts weight loss as a side effect when I don't lose weight on it? Well, I can't. I can only tell you what Plexus has done for me.

Yes, Plexus has helped me feel better so that I CAN workout. Those inches were not a direct result of Plexus but a direct result of Plexus PLUS exercise PLUS a healthy lifestyle. (And no we don't eat tofu or bean brownies or only juice. We eat healthy but we aren't crazy.)

When I began Plexus, I wanted it to help me achieve goals. I wanted it to help me work hard in the gym. I wanted Plexus to help me not have to take multiple days between workouts to rest because the fatigue was so rough. I wanted to avoid nasty multivitamins that just turned my pee a toxic looking shade of yellow.(You know the color.) I wanted my kids to have a safe multivitamin. I wanted to stop taking Advil every. single. day. I wanted my kids to have healthy guts. I wanted a healthy gut! Matt needed a healthy gut. I wanted safe products in my cabinet and in my body.

So no, I haven't lost weight on Plexus. Probably never will.

BUT!!!!(And yes mine is smaller.)

My family has GAINED A BETTER LIFE!! We LIVE better. We FEEL better.

Why does just feeling better not count for people?! Imagine all you could accomplish if you felt better. If you woke up rested. If you just felt, I don't know, good! Imagine.

Feeling good gives you the strength to say no to things like soda. Feeling good gets you off the couch and in the gym. Feeling good changes you! Feeling good causes you to try headstands which I don't recommend because then you jack your neck and Plexus doesn't fix jacked necks. But you felt good doing that headstand! Feeling good is when things change! So ya, I workout a lot. I LOVE IT!!

When I began Plexus, I didn't put a timeframe on the products. If you plan to live a better life for as long as you are breathing, why limit Plexus to just X amount of days? For my family, Plexus is a part of our way of life.

I take products that help me live a better life! They literally help me live my life the way I should be living despite having MS. Plexus helped me gain a lifestyle. So one year later, I haven't lost any Lb's but I have gained so much more.