Monday, August 20, 2012

First Day of School 2012-2013

Chloe Joy is now a Kindergardener! What?!
She still loves dresses and would wear one every single day along with her flip flops every single day if allowed. She is not allowed to wear that combo on PE days; school rules. She loves school.
Before heading to the school. One shot of Dad with his two oldest.
Cooper is a Pre-Ker! He got Chloe's teacher from last year and you do not even know how happy that made me. She is perfect for Coop and I know she will be able to teach him in the way he will learn and understand. He still loves his Superheroes and his closet consists of nothing else. After three days of school, I could already tell a big difference in him. He literally grew up in what seemed like overnight.

The whole crew. I am 37 weeks large.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Birthday Girl

Turning 6 is a big deal!

I asked Chloe what she wanted to do for her birthday. Her response was, "Go to a ho-tel." (That is how she says it.) Perfect! Matt and I were all about that idea because that meant we could stay in town and not travel or spend that much money. We figure why set the bar too high so early. haha

I booked a room at a new hotel downtown. We checked in and the kids went swimming. The evening ended up being amazing and for August that was a rare treat. After swimming, I took Colbie up to bed and Matt took Chloe and Cooper to the Kiddie Park to ride rides. They had a blast!

We woke the next morning and walked across the street to the local farmer's market. A local baker has the yummiest cinammon rolls which we normally buy every Saturday morning. With cinammon rolls in hand we headed to the patio of the hotel's restaurant. It was such a lovely morning! Walking back to our room, we took the long way around the hotel and I spotted this beauty.

My first Luna Moth sighting. Chloe was intimidated by its size. Both of us have only seen them in pictures. When she saw this one, she was taken aback by how large it actually was in real life. I was so excited. Yes, I'm a nerd but how can you NOT be amazed by this creation?!
She didn't want to get much closer. haha As we were leaving she begged to hold it and I told her no. I read later that they die within a week of being a moth. I felt bad because she could have held it and it wouldn't have mattered. Next time Chloe Joy, I will let you hold the Luna Moth.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Needles of Torture.

You want to see a grown woman get choked up? Ask her to hold her daughter's arms like she is a criminal so a nurse can poke her three times in her scrawny 38 pound legs with a torture device filled with what was describe by your daughter as acid. (Acid is my word not hers.)

You want to see a grown MAN get choked up? Ask him to hold his son down like he is a deranged lunatic so a nurse can poke him three times in his scrawny 37 pound legs with a torture device filled with what seemed like fire and listen to you son beg for mercy and shake with pain. <---- That my friends brings a strong man to tears. My tears came when I was driving home and I no longer needed to hide it.

Taking an infant in for shots is nothing. I'd much rather do that than what I had to endure today ever. again! I just realized I get to do it two more times and Coop probably will get some for Kinder next year. Joy.

Driving home, reliving the screams of horror and pain I started thinking.

I bet it brings that unswallowable lump in God's throat to see His children in pain.

When the kids were done, we held them for a long time while they cried and we reassured them it was over and going to be o.k. So thankful we have His lap to climb into so we can cry while He reassures us it's going to be o.k.

Now I must go mend my hurting heart.