Friday, January 30, 2009

I'm Not Worthy

I've been granted another award.

This is an award I don't feel all that worthy of. It comes to me from a former roommate, who had to watch my now husband and I make out on the couch, (sorry tmi). Now my former roomy, is a writer, as am I, but she really is a writer. I'm only loved by God when it comes to writing.

She writes in a way I dream of and aspire to. She uses words that I don't understand, but am too lazy to look up in a dictionary and possibly embarrassed to admit I need a dictionary to read her blog. (I did get a college degree, but in recreation management. Give me a bone and I can find it. Give me a big word and I'll need a dictionary.)

She posts a few times a week, if I'm lucky, and I think that's because it takes her a few days to recover. When she writes creativity & passion flows.

Here's the award.

I hope I measure up in my own right/write.

Now for the rules and regulations. Answer the following questions.

1) Say one nice thing to the man in your life.
"Coop, thanks for loving me more than your sister does."

2) List at least 6 ways you measure success in your life.
1. Washing my face before noon. 2. Drinking LESS than 3 cups of coffee, in one day. (Don't judge me people. I am NOT blessed with the gift of 'early riser.' I don't like worms anyways.) 3. If I get a perfect score on Guitar Hero. 4. I remember that Cooper is almost 10 months old and he DOES have to have more than a bottle every 3 hours. 5. When Coop looks at me and smiles, and when Chloe looks at me and growls 6. Finally, I remember to thank the God that gave it all to me and can take it away.

3) Assign this award to 5 other blogs
Amanda McD
Connie M.
According to Ashley
Jenn P.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Photo's

Recently, you guys voted on which picture I should have framed. This is the final result, picture C was framed and is now hanging in our tiny house. I told Matt that it's probably too big for the size of our house, but I don't care. There used to be a large decorative mirror there. We just removed the mirror and put the picture there. It freaked Chloe out when she first saw it. It's like seeing a life size picture of you hanging on the wall. Thanks again Betsy!!

The two tulip pictures that were chosen, I entered in Tulsa Garden Center's Portraits of a Garden Contest. (click on that link to see the winner) I didn't win, but it was fun to go and see my pictures. There were so so many good pictures. The good thing is I know what to expect for next year.

I thought the rules implied the garden shots had to be of your garden. Wrong. It looked like people took photos of anything and entered it. I wanted to enter my waterfall picture in the 'water feature' exhibit, but didn't because it wasn't my garden. If I had entered it, I probably could have won a ribbon. The man that won 'Best In Show' took a photo of a hummingbird moth drinking from a flower! I took a video of it. The picture is incredible. This guy made me jealous. He won a lot of ribbons, he and another guy cleaned house. The guy that won Best In Show is from Bartlesville.

As we were walking out of the Garden Center I said to Matt, "I'm jealous of that guy! I want to call him up and have him teach me how to take pictures like that." I was serious. Soo I am doing the next best thing. I will be enrolling in a class at the tech center. A basic photography class. I think I am hindering my creative ability by not knowing the full capacity of my camera.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


As I sat cradling Cooper,in the beaten, battered and 'non-fluffy' recliner that Matt and I purchased after Chloe was born; it hit me.

No not projectile vomit, poop or Cooper's head, but a revelation if you will.

I looked on top of the 'entertainment center' and saw my picture.

I thought to myself, "I really like that picture." I kept staring at it and thinking of how I could have made it better, how I can't wait to go back to Big Cedar so I can attempt that very shot again and this time I want it perfect. Then another thought entered, as Coop rested his head on my right shoulder, the sun shining in his eyes, "I took that! Whether it's professional quality or whether it could make the front of a fancy magazine or whether I was paid. I took that picture and it's mine. It's a Megan Knox original."

It was as if God was sitting in our ratty leather sofa, I heard Him say, "Megan you ARE a photographer, a writer, you are a comforter, a wife, a lover, a friend, you are a mom, creative, funny, peculiar, OCD, a tomato hater, an ice cream lover AND you ARE a Child of Mine."

See, since Chloe's birth, I have struggled daily with, "Who am I?" I have a hard time remembering who I was before children. Not that I want that Megan back, well I want the body, but I just want a 'purpose' that is all mine.

I think I realized today, I do have that purpose, whether it's teaching 6th graders in the public school, or whether it's teaching Coop how to drink from a sippy cup and Chloe how to go pee pee on the potty, I am their teacher.

One other thing I am..

A Chloe Pooper Scooper. And yes that is a terd and yes it came from Chloe. BUT that's for another day.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ice Storm Boredom

The animals in my backyard.

Since it's so cold and icy out and I, along with my neighbors, stood and watched people wreck their cars all afternoon in front of my house, decided to post about the animals/creatures that frequent the backside of my casa. (What the two have in common, cars sliding and animals, I have no idea.)

Below is a woodpecker.
This was a nice, slightly warm day, and he's doing what every other woodpecker, not on drugs, does for food-drills holes in my tree.
Normal woody. (enter the sound Woody Woodpecker made.)

Woodpecker not on drugs, just on bugs.

Enter Exhibit A.

"What is that?" you ask.That would be the woodpecker...
... on drugs. (enter Keanu Reeves voice in 'Bill and Ted's') "Waoow, dude, totally upside down eating something... Hah, dude a persimmon, totally. Where's the tree? Ohh, dude it's like a rock, totally." (trees are frozen) Any questions?

Below is...
the squirrel who is on hallucinogens. "Whach-you lookin' at? Are you a penguin?"

And the duck, who lives in a local pond, who has had so much bread his hair is whacked.
"Quack, ladies, really it will grow back normally, ladies?"

Stay warm.

Monday, January 26, 2009

And The Award Goes To....

Uhummm, *tap tap* this thing on?

I Megan, not Megan, would like to thank Leann at Surviving Parenthood for giving me this beautiful award. I am honored and grateful for her kind words and nice thoughts even though I am random and weird. I'm thankful she, and all of you, can appreciate that on some days, who am I kidding most days, my mind is mush and that mush gets spewed out here.

She also revealed her love for Bic Mechanical Pencils and anyone who loves Bic Mechanical Pencils as much as I do must be a wonderful person and have a good head about them. Here's to you Leann*raising a bottle*, and thanks for the award. *a bottle of formula that it is*

Sorry to cut this speech short, but I smell a faint odor of rotten prunes and it can be none other than Cooper. Yes, yes, he indeed pooped his diaper. And yes, yes, it indeed came out the top.

But before I change him, I mean who am I kidding, the poop is already everywhere so what's the hurry, I need to bestow this award to 3 other Kreativ Bloggers.

Daniele at Life As A Mom
Jessica at C, J, & B Moore
Nicole at Knox Family

I love you all and now I must change Cooper...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Birthday Celebration?

My primary love language is 'quality time.' So when Matt told me his birthday gift to me was that he was taking a day off, the kids were going to his parents and we would get to spend a whole day together, just us.... I was thrilled. Who needed that nice new KitchenAid mixer or a fancy coffee pot or a massage. I was getting my husband. (I am not being facetious, I am being serious. I was thrilled.)

Thursday, we load up the mini and head for Mounds. Oklahoma that is. We'd hang out Thurs. night and Friday would be our 'day o' fun!' Our plan? There was none. Well, there were a few things that we needed to accomplish like get Coop new shoes, get Matt new shoes and sit in Starbucks and drink something warm. Check, Check and Check. We accomplished all three.

Then it was eating dinner together, alone, in semi-silence. Check. We ate at The Cheesecake Factory. Way overpriced and only a 'special occasion' type of place, but it was so fun. I had never eaten there before, but I must admit, it was easy not to be shell shocked by the bill because our waitress was fantastic, the atmosphere was relaxing and the food? OH, the food was enjoyable. I got Spicy Cashew Chicken and it was spicy and I paid for it later that evening, but it was worth it. Dessert? OH yes, we shared a Snickers Cheesecake slice. I'm not much of a cheesecake person, but it was rather yummy. Our waitress brought me a little mini wine glass with ice cream and a candle for my birthday. Very sweet. That got her a nice tip a roo.

Now the story gets rather depressing and funny. Depending on if you are a 'cup half full or cup half empty' kind of person.

We left The Cheesecake Factory at 6:30. "The night's still young." We both say to one another. So we head to the Dave and Busters that just opened not far from the factory. I heard it was fun, so we thought we'd go have a night filled with games. We pull up and there isn't a single parking spot. People were parking in near by fields that had yet to be developed. "Matt, I'm not really wanting to feel like a sardine tonight. Are you?"
"No, not really." He says sounding muffled because his head is stuffed up.
"OK, so now what?" I ask.
"Umm, Barnes and Noble?"
"I guess, but I'm afraid I'll fall asleep in a chair."
"Ya, I think you're right. Are you tired?"
"Babe, I feel ridiculously tired." I say feeling like a dork.

So we drive down Memorial until we hit Riverside. A good 15 minute drive. "See anything to do?" We ask each other at every block.
"No, you?" We ask each other in response to the other's question.

We take Riverside Drive south. It's like the mini knew where we really needed to be; home in bed. So by 7:15pm. PM PEOPLE, we were at home (Mounds) sitting on the couch thinking about our day. "Matt do you realize how big of losers we are?" I say laughing and with a faint tear in my eye. "We couldn't even stay out past curfew!"

When we got home, Mama and Papa were at the church with the kids, so we had the house to ourselves for about an hour. And no, don't you even think like that. I told you we were tired.

Tonight we are back home, putting the kids to bed and honestly I still can't think of anything we could have done. Isn't that terrible?

Oh well, I got to spend the day with my husband, just us, walking around like zombies. BUT I had a super fantastic day. I did get new underwear and some measuring utensils from Williams Sonoma.

So to answer my own question was it a birthday celebration? Yes, yes, it was indeed a birthday celebration. Thanks Matt for spending the day with me. I heart you.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Brown Bear

When I'm on the computer, which is in Coop's room, he usually is sleeping, but if he isn't then this is what he'll do.
Stare at me with his wee-beedy eyes. *said with an Irish accent*
On this day of my birth, yesterday, I was sitting at the computer, which is in Coop's room. He was making a lot of racket, as usual, but this time I turned around. This is what I found.

"Hi buddy." I said. This is only the second time he has gotten himself to sitting. So it was exciting. He looked so comfy and content that I snapped a few photos, had a good laugh and continued my business on the computer. No, I didn't undo his legs, he was just chillin'. Don't worry had I left the room I would have. (Chloe was at school in case you were wondering how I was able to sit at the computer.)

There's a children's book titled 'Brown Bear, Brown Bear.' I'd love to tell who wrote it, but Chloe tore the front cover off and ate it. In her defense,she was totally just one, and is much older and wiser now. These days she only chews on my phone.

The story reads, brown bear, brown bear what do you see? (Turn the page.) I see a red bird looking at me. The story continues with each animal saying what they see.

I tell you this because only moments later, after Coop's dangling leg moment, did I hear Coop again. This time it was like he was saying, "MOM LOOK AT ME!!" Only I heard, "dada, nanana, blah blah, mamamamamama, dadadadad....." But I just had this feeling he was really trying to get my attention, "What is it Lassie?" Is the feeling I had.

Enter my version of Brown Bear.

Megan, Megan what do you see?
I see a Cooper looking at me.

He did this on my birthday. What a nice gift. I wonder if this means he'll be a good gift giver when he gets older?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


A friend's birthday was yesterday and this is what she had to say...

Today I woke up.
And I was 29.
That is all.

This pretty much sums it all up for me as well.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Color Purple

"CARTOOOOOONS, CARTOOOONS!" yells Chloe. She became enraged when I changed the channel to watch The Inauguration events. I kept saying, "This is history in the making honey." With which she'd respond, "CARTOOOOONS!"

"Chloe the cartoons are over, " I lied, "and this is a big deal. You need to remember this."
"CARTOOOONS!" She has begun to sob and thrash on the floor.

"Ya, Mommy is watching this but you may continue slamming your head on the floor. That hurts no one but yourself. Remember that too."

I'm trying to document the events in Chloe's journal while she yells and Coop freaks out. He's not feeling well.

When Big Daddy George and Barbara Bush walked out onto the balcony area. I noticed their scarfs. They were purple. I hear the partial and annoying Katie Couric say, "....I think their purple scarfs are symbolic. I think they are stating there are no party colors today. Blue and red make purple."

I thought it was very meaningful. Some might have thought it tasteless. Those people who thought it such need to shut their pie holes.

I found the whole event very inspiring, powerful and for lack of a better word, neat.

One of the stations interviewed two of the Freedom Riders. They were so excited and moved to see today's events and their hard work come to fruition.

I watched Pres. George W.'s plane fly off. He is no longer the President, but now the Former. I felt a sadness for him, accompanied by an excitement for his new life with his wife. One of the news casters said, "Laura bought the house in Dallas and he has never seen it. So he'll show up to a new house she picked for him."

I thought that was neat. One person chimed, "Well, that's odd." But another person, who was traveling with the Former said, "He wants it that way and was ok with it all."

Regardless where you fall on the color wheel of politics, today there is only one color on that wheel.

The color purple.

Today is the day the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Chloe's Journal

Chloe one year ago.

When Chloe turned one, on August 11, 2007, I remember thinking, "What am I going to write in now?" I was referring to her baby book. The one I bought her only was for the first year. Then the light bulb, that tends to flicker off and on all day long, shone brightly! I'll start a journal for her!! *Laaaa*(that's the angelic voices singing)

I've journaled for a long time, as I have mentioned before. Before Matt and I were married, I would write down my thoughts, feelings and God moments from that day. I have to get stuff off my chest or I can't sleep. Now I journal and Matt gets them on our anniversary. I haven't been writing in it as much because I really enjoy blogging.

So I have been keeping journals for Chloe. Once Coop turns one, I'll do the same. I ran across last year's today and looked at some of the entries. Here is one from this time last year.

January 15, 2008 Tues. 10:30pm Chilly outside

Your dad took you with him tonight to Bible Study. I got to just stay here alone. It was kind of nice. Your dad left early though. He said you kept blowing kisses to people and saying hi. He thought you were distracting. :) He said it was funny though.

Not much going on. I'm getting bigger as are you though. :) You love to kiss on my belly and rub it. The baby kicks you b/c you tend to push on it, but you don't realize you're getting kicked. Although one day you were sitting beside me and the baby would kick you in the side and you thought it was my hand b/c you kept trying to grab what was hitting you :) You'd reach between us, but nothing was there.

It's supposed to get really cold and nasty tomorrow.

In the world, all the talk is about the Presidential race. We vote in Nov. Hilary Clinton and Barak Obama are the 2 front runners for the Dem's and Mitt Romney and I can't think of the others are the Repub.'s.

I love you so much honey. The both of us do. We pray SO hard for you as a woman of God. We hope you grow up to love and serve Him wholeheartedly!!!

XO Mom

(If things and or names are mispelled.... I typed it exactly how I wrote it.)

Have a good day!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Lettuce Wraps

So I have been working on a post detailing how I make my lettuce wraps. I just realized I can't explain it. I took the recipe and almost completely changed it. I add more, omit some things and I don't even use lettuce any more. We started eating the mixture over rice. It's more filling and tastes better as left overs. Oh and "it's less messy" as Matt says. He's right.

I took all these pictures of the process and even loaded them onto a post. I began explaining and then realized, "this is lame-o!"

Here's what's happening in my less than one thousand square foot world. Cooper has a terrible cough, Chloe has watery eyes and I took a shower yesterday in order to wake myself up. I am still in my jammies. It's so cold outside that I'm pretty sure Hell froze over and I'm thinking the Lord was coming but changed His mind when he realized the wind chill is some where in the teens. I need to go grocery shopping tonight, but I feel like I need to load up on carbs in order to have the energy to complete that marathon that I haven't been training for. I'm going to bet I will be shopping with ALL of Bartlesville and the idea of that gives me the creeps. Why? Germs!! I can only use so much anti-bacterial hand sanitizer before I become an alcoholic and seek medical attention for an overdose. I will smell good however. The laundry is piling up in the hall and in Coop's room. I'm too much of a pansy to take the clothes to the dryer. If you recall our dryer is in our shed- OUTSIDE!!

Chloe insisted we watch cartoons. So I put in Brother Bear and cried like a baby at the end. I couldn't stop people. Geez, it's a tear jerker. I cried yesterday when I saw those people being helped off the plane that landed in the river. Makes a whole new ending to the joke "In an AIRPLANE down by the river!" (It's supposed to be van.) I became sad that Bush is leaving. I know people don't like him. I do. He left the White House today for the last time. Chloe and Coop's first President is in the books.

I just realized I need to trim my nails. Cooper is eyeballing me and yelling through his crib slats.

Oh and the worst part? I turn 29 next week. Woe is me.

The best part?

Him. He loves me bunches.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

From the Mouth of Chloe

"Pete and Repeat were on a boat. Pete got off. Who was left?"
"Pete and Repeat were on a boat. Pete got off. Who was left?"
"Pete and Repeat.....

Chloe, like most 2 year olds, is in repeat mode. Matt was getting her dressed for church on Saturday (our church has a sat. service) and I heard him say, "Go tell you Mom what you just said." She comes in my room and I hear, "U ba cog nize momma." (I was just as clueless as you are now.) "What?" I ask her? I hear Matt translate her jumbled words from the living room, "You best recognize Momma," is what she said. "Ohhh," (I can hear it after the translation.) So we had fun teaching her how to tell Cooper, "You best recognize Cooper." Then we'd teach her, "You best recognize Daddy." It was fun, we're such good parents.

On the way home from church, Chloe's in the back seat watching Milo and Otis for the 1 millionth time. Matt is explaining the difficulty of something and he uses the word, "crap shoot." As soon as the words spill out of his mouth and across his lips, you could tell he wanted to reach out and grab it and stuff it back into his big mouth, but that is not humanly possible, in case you were wondering. Two seconds later, from the back seat we hear, "rap shoot, rap shoot." Matt and I quietly loose all composure and laugh so hard tears fill my eyes. "I need to watch what I say huh?"
"Ya, I guess so." I said thinking, "Did you just now realize she repeats things?"

She hasn't said it since, but it sure was funny.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Drummer Boy

I know Christmas is over, the stockings shouldn't still be hanging, sugar plums are hibernating, and Santa is at the beach, BUT I am still finding myself singing Christmas songs. Every now and then I'll belt out Pavarotti's version of 'O Holy Night,' only to be looked at funny by the people in Wal-Mart and my children.

Since I go to the best church in the world, I thought I'd share a little video I found of a song they played for Christmas. Christmas is a big deal at lots of churches, but for it means adding around four extra services for Christmas.

I recently asked people their favorite Christmas songs and the response was overwhelming, all six of you I love. One person, I will not name names, was not fond of 'Little Drummer Boy.' I'm wondering if it was played like this if you would change your mind(s). You have to watch the whole video or you'll miss out on the special rendition halfway through. Tulsa 2008 Christmas Worship - Little Drummer Boy from Bill Aycock on Vimeo.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Organized Chaos

In college, I worked at the now controversial, Abercrombie and Fitch. I spent three wonderful years there. Why wonderful? I'll tell you in one word. Organization.

When the store would close for the evenings, that's usually when I would come to work. (I'm a night owl.) 9:00pm a group of us would clock in and begin 'straightening' the store. We'd listen to Dave Matthews Live at Red Rocks on repeat until the wee morning hours. Every now and then someone would sneak in Prince. *barf*

Our mission? Organize and clean and straighten. Jeans had to be folded a certain way, shirts had to be folded using a folding board, shirts on the tables had to be stacked in size order smallest on top for girls and smallest on bottom for guys, clothes hanging had to all face the same direction and be in size order, same as if they were folded. The folded button up shirts had to have their buttons line up all the way down the pile. The jeans usually took residence on the ever popular, jean wall. This was one of my favorite jobs.

The jeans were to be folded in a 'brick fold' and sometimes a 'tri-fold', which I still do to this day with my jeans, and stacked in size order, smallest at the bottom. There had to be equal amounts of jeans in each cubby hole. Basically, it had to look uniform and perfect or you had to redo it- no joke.

Every few weeks, the floor would change. A book would arrive that showed exactly how the floor should be 'dressed.' I loved this time. I mean the bible of cleanliness and order arrives and you follow it. No questions where things should or shouldn't go, no opinions on how dummies should be dressed, no opinions just truth.

This order and cleanliness has spilled over into my life. My towels have to be folded in a tri-fold and facing a certain way. The hangers have to all face one directions as do the clothes that draped them. All tags face the left! If I am standing by a rack of clothes in a department store, my hands begin turning hangers! It's a sickness. I never understood why Matt loved mowing lawns. I now realize why. The look of a yard or a store when it's done-beauty.

So when I found these cubicle storage things, I became excited. We have been wanting something like this for Chloe's room. Now I'm slightly like Phoebe when it comes to furniture; only want original stuff. But I had to make an exception b/c I wasn't finding ANYTHING in or around the B'ville area that would serve as storage.

So we, Matt, put this together last weekend and gave it a home in Chloe Joy's room. I picked out the tubs that go inside. The one on top is hot pink, not red as it looks in this photo. Yes, yes, I even ventured out of my comfort zone for the, in my opinion ugly, animal print. I thought it would look cute in her room so I got them.
Do you notice the books? See how they are stacked and all crazy looking? Yea, that's bothering me, but Chloe is supposed to be napping so I will have to thwart off the urge to straighten.
I have loosened up a little. I like to think of myself in a world of organized chaos. It's organized to me. Chaos to Matt.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Creative Tank On Empty

Yesterday I took Coop to the dr. I really need not say more, but I will.

It was awful! You ask, "Oh did he get shots? Oh did he cry? Is that why it was awful? Oh is he sick?"

Let me respond with, "Yes. Yes and No and No."

I have Coop on the alternative shot schedule. To shorten an already long story. We waited 45 minutes AFTER our appt. time, 65 minutes total. The dr. and I argued over my decision to post-pone, not eliminate, some of Coops shots.(Meaning he hates that I am doing it differently)I teared up, I got angry and I kept most of my opinions to myself. Those of you that know me that's pretty good considering I usually keep none of my opinions to myself.

Why am I telling you this? Because my creative tank is empty.

I've got things to say, but they're things I myself and sick of hearing about ie. the infamous famous E word, crude prices, people loosing jobs, cayley anthony, and coopers constipation issues OH and that Chloe has come into her age. (She hates me and loves her Daddy.)

Other than that folks, the overflowing well of information is dry, I can't find my soapbox (quit cheering) and I really need a haircut.

The good news? My pictures arrived yesterday and the big one is getting framed at my Earthly Heaven aka Hobby Lobby and my tulip pics look purrrrty. The mattes are getting cut as we speak.

So all you OU fans enjoy tonight, hopefully and if you like Florida, that's fine. I didn't go to either school and don't normally chear for OU or OSU, but being an Okie I have to chear for OU sooooooo Boomer!!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Let's Get Physical, Physical

Since it is just too much to haul the kids to the Y to work out, I attempted to do a few things in the living room. Chloe thinks it's very funny and she does her best to mimic my actions.

Here's Chloe doing her rendition of a sit-up, followed by a beautiful attempt at push-ups and then jumping jacks. Note: I do not do them the same as her. Another Note: I am so sorry for the poor lighting and terrible quality. Lighting in our house stinks and cell phones make horrible camcorders.


Ok, so I think she's totally hillarious and I can't stop watching it. The way she does her sit-ups or head banging is too funny.

Again, apologies for the quality. I need to invest in a camcorder.

Have a good day and remember to exercise!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Thanks Friends

I just want to thank everyone for voting and helping me make an informed decision. I had to shut the voting down early because Hobby Lobby is having their framing sale this week! So I need to make sure I get my pictures in before the week is over.

The votes broke down like this: A=0 ,B=3 ,C=4 ,D= 4 Flowers: 1=3 , 2= 3, 3= 2, 4= 1, 5=2

I took the ones that got the most votes and picked between them.

The picture that will grace our wall is........
I really love the other interactive ones, but Kara left a comment, "You can see all your faces." I agree. C will be put in a black frame and probably behind a black matte. I'm still undecided on that, I'll take your advice. I think the matte will hide a little of the 'side ground' and zero in on us.

I'm still printing the others, not sure where they will go since our house is smaller than the inside of our minivan. Matt will probably take one to work and I will give one to my MIL.

The flower pictures I will be using are 1&/or 2 and 3. I am going to print them in the 8x10 size so I will see which one of 1 & 2 will look ok. If they both look good I will use them both. If I crop picture number 3, it will look really good. The busy background disappears once cropped. I have the option of using three pictures in my plan, so I might end up doing that!




Thanks for every one's comments and compliments. Sure was nice and very helpful. If I don't chicken out on my plans with the flower pictures I will let you know what I did with them.

My creative thinking/ writing tank is slightly on E. I'm not sure what to write about or do next. The other day I had a title in my head it was, "Finkle is Eihnhorn! Eihnhorn is Finkle!" But I can't remember what I was going to say!!! I'm sure it was going to be funny. Maybe I will remember...ohh the joys of a mother's brain; mush.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Let's Put It To A Vote

When it comes to decisions in life, I'm fairly decided on most things. "Do you want to eat at Red Lobster or Zio's?" Someone may ask. "Zio's hands down." I hate water grown food. "Wal-Mart or K-Mart?" Might be another question. "Wal-Mart!" For a curve ball, "Wal-Mart or Target?" I would say, "Target." But B'ville is Target-less. Another question that was top of the 'question everyone list' in college. "Do you lean to the left or the right?" I'm a left leaner. (What does that mean? Well, I'm not gonna say, you have to figure that out.)

I have found a decision neither Matt nor I can make... Which family picture do we choose?(My friend Betsy, took these. She did so good I can't decide.)

We want to have one of our family shots blown up to 20x30 so we can hang it in our house. I asked Matt to pick between the ones I have below and he can't decide.

Vote on the sidebar on right.





I am also going to print one or two of the flower pictures below. (I snapped these.) The flower pictures will not be for me, but I want the two that are the most elegant and pretty. If you don't like any of them, say that as well. Be honest, I need honesty. The flower pictures will be 8x10.






Voting ends January 6th at 2:00pm cst. You can choose more than one on the flower pics because I will probably print two.

Please send people this way to vote. I need more than 6 votes to really help with my decision. They don't have to come back! Just vote and leave. (I'd like for them to return, but there is no obligation to return required.)