Friday, May 30, 2008


As some of you may know, Chloe Joy isn't much of an eater. She will eat yogurt, all bread and bread products ie. muffins, toast, pancakes, waffles, sliced bread, milk and occasional grilled cheese & sometimes applesauce. Her absolute favorite thing is yogurt.

Over the weekend, Chloe didn't eat very much and since we've been home hasn't been all that hungry. We've been able to get her to eat yogurt and Matt accidentally bought yogurt drink things and she'll drink those. Basically, she hasn't wanted to eat and we've just said, "ok you'll eat when you're hungry enough."

Yesterday she said, "Poop, di (d-I) di" Which means she's pooped and needs a new diaper. I go to change her and it's a lone terd, but boy did it smell awful!! I commented to Matt last night how stinky her one terd was; neither of us thought anything about it.

Today I go outside to the truck real quickly to get a surprise I had for her. I was gone 30 seconds. When I get back in she is hysterical. I said, "Chloe it's ok honey, I'm right here." We had just returned from Wal-Mart where I bought her baby doll accessories and a new toddler seat that's like a high chair; that's what I ran outside for.

I can't get her to stop crying. I thought her shoes were hurting her, "Chloe do you want momma to take off your shoes."

She walks to me like she does, I pick her up to put her on my lap and she goes stiff as a board on me; she won't sit down. So I put her back on her feet and I can't figure out why she is freaking out. She goes back to her room, comes back to the living room and tells me she pooped. I asked her if she did and she let me check her diaper (she usually doesn't let me check, she makes me chase her like a game) I look and it smells like a very very stinky fart, there's nothing in her diaper. I sit there and watch her just bawling, I know something is hurting her b/c she is making the 'hurting' cry; something is wrong and I can't figure it out and I'm starting to get nervous.

"Chloe do you want momma to come with you to your room?"
She doesn't say anything, she just walks back there. We get into her room and she points to her changing table (she has never done that)
"OK honey I'll change your diaper, but you didn't poop." I say sweetly; still not understanding her pain.

When I go to lay her down on the table she goes stiff on me again. I get her shorts off, undo her diaper and there it is.


I look at her anus and a large poop the size of a golf ball is trying to come out and is stuck like a baby's head coming out during birth; it looks the EXACT same! I start to panic!!! I try to do things dr's do when delivering a baby and she cries more; she is hurting and hurting bad. I pick her up, grab my phone and call my mom all the while thinking should I call 911? It looked like a golf ball, I didn't know if she had swallowed something or what.

My mom is an ER nurse and she asks if it's just poop.


Calmly, "take her to the ER, Megan."

"I can't, she won't sit down! She is not going to let me put her in her car seat!" (I'm freaking)

"Call Matt and tell him to come home and you take her up there."

I call Matt and tell him something is wrong and he needs to come home. I tell her her daddy's coming, "DADA, DADA!!" I felt awful; she needed her daddy.

I am still holding her trying to tell her to push, but she doesn't understand that yet. I lay her on the ground and try to roll her legs up much like you would do a gassy infant; she freaks. I run to grab the dr's phone number; we just switched to one here in town. When I leave her side she yells and all the while Cooper is screaming his head off. Shaking, I find the card and go to dial it...

I frequently have dreams about dialing 911 and I can't get it right. I'm in panic mode in my dreams and every time I go to dial the 9 I hit the wrong number and have to start over. I dream this a lot and I always wake up nervous.

I go to dial and my phone is LOCKED!!! Stupid. While I'm trying to unlock my phone, which is hard to do with adrenaline and fear pulsating through my body, I look down and Chloe is trying to push.

As soon as enough of it comes out, I grab it (with her diaper) and pull it out. (HUGE SIGH) She lays there, just like a woman would after pushing out a child. She's got her legs sprawled out and is completely out of it. I call Matt and tell him she got it out. "What was it?" he asks.

"She just had a really hard poop." I say to him almost in tears. Then I go to Cooper's side while Chloe recovers and change his diaper; he's crying this whole time.

Folks, that thing at the beginning was the circumference of a golf ball and just as hard, I kid you not! She tore her little blood vessels in her 'bobo.' (butt) She layed there until her daddy got home and even then when he walked in she just said, "Dada" ever so softly with a smile on her face; she never got up.
After about 5 minutes she got up and gave me a naked hug, then went to her dad and hugged him. He stayed home and I ran to the store to get prune juice, bananas, apples and peaches. She doesn't eat that kind of thing; I got the mashed bananas.

I got home and Matt had set up her new seat and she was in it; happy. Matt had also painted her toes nails while I was gone. The first trip to Wal-Mart, I purchased her the non-sliding bowls. I put some of the mashed bananas and a cup of water on her new seat and she ate it all! Thank you Jesus!

We bought the 'high chair' thing hoping it would get her to start wanting to eat big people food. We thought maybe she'd feel 'big' in her seat. We'll see how it goes.

So I helped my daughter deliver her first; her first hard poop. I'm going to have to write all this in her journal tonight.

Man I'm worn out!! Now we are off to a birthday party!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Vacation? Part III

"Hey Dad, what are you up to?"

"Oh not much just tinkering around on the computer. What are you cats up to?" (That's how my dad talks)

"We are calling to tell someone we are on our way back to Tulsa from Davis."

"Davis? I thought you guys weren't going south this weekend?" he asks very confused b/c we told him earlier in the week we were staying home.

"Yeah, we changed our mind."

I proceed to tell him about our weekend, funny things Chloe did and about the fried pies. He tells me that he and his wife are going to my Aunt's house in Stillwater the next day (Monday) and he asks if we want to go. I tell him I'll call him back after I talk to Matt.

We stop in Edmond at Matt's brother's house to feed Cooper. We look for hotel rooms in Stillwater and decide we should go, even though it might be a rough sleeping night. We figured we hadn't slept yet, so why not tack on another sleepless night.

We check in at the Best Western, order Hideaway, (b/c that's what you do) and chill. OH, I did go get Braum's. On my way back into the hotel, I dropped my shake (my eyes teared up) but I managed to save Matt's sundae; Chloe was happy.

After Chloe discussed something with her dog, we put her down in the pack 'n' play (yes she can see us) but after about an hour she falls asleep; we just ignored her and she finally gave up. :)

The next morning we go to my Aunt's and hang out. My Aunt and Uncle are members of The Links, so the boys played golf and the girls, plus Cooper, went to the pool. Did you know Matt and I once lived at The Links in Edmond; we really loved living there, but the ones in Stillwater are top notch.

Her silly face

My Aunt was helping Chloe go deeper.

Part of the fam. on my Dad's side.

After this picture was taken we head for home. It's 8:00pm and we get to Tulsa just after 9:00 and Cooper starts to get really angry just past Sand Springs. We stop at QT to take out the head support, which seemed to help. When we stopped Matt accidentally opened Chloe's door instead of Coopers. Once back on the road, Chloe starts whining for silky, I begin frantically searching and I can't find it! We are almost to the Highway 11 exit, aka scary part of town. I tell Matt to take the Gilcrease exit thinking that will take us back to the QT; it doesn't we end up on the far north side of Tulsa on Lewis. (I have 911 on my phone ready to hit call, no joke) We stop at a well lit church and thankfully I find it. The reason we headed back to QT is when someone opens her door she launches everything in her hands outside. She gets so excited b/c she thinks she's getting out, so I thought it fell out when Matt opened the door.

We get home, safe and happy. We had a good weekend. Our first big outing as a family of four! Very interesting!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Vacation? Part Deux Exit 51

Sunday morning we rise and shine. I say rise, but I think I never got horizontal in order to get vertical. I don't sleep well with Cooper near me; he's a grunter.

We get in the rental and head further south, to Exit 51. (I capitalize the E in exit b/c #51 is worthy of capitalization my friend.)

Why Exit 51? Well, that exit holds two world famous locations... drum roll

Arbuckle Wilderness AND Fried Pies place. It doesn't have a name, the sign just says, "FRIED PIES."

I have wanted to take Chloe to Arbuckle since her first birthday, but were unable b/c of the pregnancy issues I had early on. When I was young, I can remember my mom taking my sister and I and how much fun we had feeding the animals. I wanted Chloe to experience that since she is so much of an animal lover.

I saw this sign while meandering. Look closely. Do you remember those days?

After meandering our way through the Exit 51 construction, stopping at a "hotel" that I'm pretty sure was a brothel, we arrive and there's a line to pay to go through the drive-through area. I figured there would be, but they did a good job getting us through quickly. While in line Chloe falls asleep. She didn't sleep the whole way to Exit 51 and she falls asleep in line? Crazy kid.

We start the drive and I am trying to wake Chloe up, but she isn't moving, twitching, or budging. We get to the zebras and one is coming towards us so he . I am yelling her name, shaking her seat, grabbing her legs and making loud noises; nothing. I finally get her to wake up and it's right outside her window and she doesn't even see it!! She's out of it still. By the time it got around to my window she perks up a bit.

Onward ho! Next we see the emu's and their babies. I keep the window rolled up for fear of being attacked. I did, however, roll it down to snap a few shots, but if she headed towards me I rolled it up.

We didn't feed the animals with horns. I was too afraid of them scratching the rental. They would come near the car b/c the people in front of us would drop their food right outside their windows so when we would try to pass the horns would be in the way.

After the emu's I took Chloe out of her seat so she could sit with me and see better. When we saw the camels she got a little freaked out. They are huge! I cracked the window so she could touch it, she didn't know what to do. She kept saying, "Ilky, ilky" She needed her silky aka blanket. The camels didn't get any of our food; I didn't want to get spit on. They did chase a truck that was in front of us. That was too funny. There were 2-3 middle school aged boys sitting in the bed and the camel followed them down the street wanting more food.

We made it to the giraffes and the line to feed them was crazy long. There was one lone giraffe and only one car was in line to feed it. I told Matt to pass everyone and head it's way. The people in front of us were funny to watch. It would have been cool to feed them out of a sun roof.

A good thing about going this time of year was a lot of the animals had babies. The bad thing about going this time of year was the heat. We didn't do the walk through zoo, it was too hot for all of us.

Before I go, I have to talk about the "FRIED PIES" place. Matt and I randomly watch 'Discover Oklahoma.' It's a TV show that goes to places in Oklahoma and showcases what people love about them. Usually it's food, lodging or activities. We saw an episode that talked about a place serving freshly made fried pies in Davis. When we got to Exit 51, I saw the big sign with bold letters and remembered the episode. The hosts said it was tasty and they weren't lying. Matt said the line was structured like an amusement park ride, where it zig zags. When he got back in the car he said the lady in front of him bought $100.00 worth of fried pies. I can't say I blame her, although I am guessing they weren't all for her.

After devouring our fried pies, we head to OKC and on the way I call my dad...

Vacation? Part 1 Friday->Saturday

We loaded up the rental car Friday afternoon and headed south; south to Pauls Valley to visit a college buddy of Matt's. We haven't seen him and his family since June of '06; I was pregnant with Chloe. They have never met her or Cooper, so Matt wanted to go see them and their 3 kids, one of which we have never met.

We head out a little before 4:00pm, our goal was to leave at 2:30 right after Cooper ate. HA! That never happens. Traveling with a nursing newborn is kind of tough, not because he cries, but because as soon as I get done feeding him it's almost time to feed him again. Once we are out of B'ville I realize he has to eat in one hour. I start to get nervous; Cooper is very impatient when it comes to food. Around Bristow, I hear a stirring. I start praying that he can wait until the Stroud McD's. Praise God, he makes it! I had to wake him up once we were there. Chloe on the other hand, she kept the trip very interesting. She usually sleeps in the car, and this whole weekend I think she slept a total of 1 hour in the car where as Cooper slept quite a bit. Our next roadtrip? DVD Player.

I feed him and we jet off again. It is now a little after 5:00p. We made great time getting to Stroud. Pauls Valley here we come...

While driving through OKC, we came to a realization; we do not miss living in the city. I guess the time we were there we never realized how awful the traffic is, it made us thankful for the "traffic" in B'ville; doesn't even compare.

We get out of OKC and are south of Norman, it's around 6:30pm and we see those bright orange diamond shaped signs, "Construction ahead." Keep in mind Cooper has to eat at 8:00p.

"Maybe it won't be that bad, oh wait..." I say.

That's when it happened; cars as far as the eye could see. I see another bright orange diamond shaped sign, "Construction ahead 5 miles."

I see that sign and start to panic. "It's going to take us forever to get those 5 miles." And indeed it did. One hour later, we saw another bright orange diamond shaped sign, "End of Construction" Wooohooo!!

We now have approximately 15 minutes to get to their house, we make it just after 8:00 and Cooper only screamed his head of while we were in traffic. He and Chloe are very loud when they are mad.
We stayed Friday and Saturday nights with our friends and Chloe had the best time of her life. They live in the country and the Knox's (these 4) love the country! Chloe is a little farm girl at heart. When we pulled up to the house, Chloe yells, "DOOOGGGG!!! RUUUHH RUUUHHH" She spotted two of their beagles on top of the house! Yes, on top of their house. They have a two story home and the dogs are able to get onto the roof from a balcony. The funniest thing, I wish I had taken pictures. (My big regret this weekend was not taking more pictures. We were just too tired and busy) Matt played golf on Saturday and that afternoon Chloe played in their new water thing. The dad bought it on his way home from playing golf and the kids had the best time.

The new water toy slide thing.

Chloe enjoys sucking water off and out of things... yuck

Chloe loves the beagles and they love her.

Saturday was our last day in Pauls Valley. Sunday's agenda? A trip further south to exit #51.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pray for SCC

One of the forefathers of Christian music, Steven Curtis Chapman, has been struck by tragedy. This could happen to any one of us and happens more often than we hear about. Please pray for them, their hearts and their children.
Below is an email I received through KXOJ radio...

Dear KXOJ Friends,
Maria Sue Chapman 2003 - 2008Photo by Mary Beth Chapman
Last night Maria Sue Chapman, adopted and youngest daughter of Mary Beth & Steven Curtis Chapman, was killed in a tragic accident in the family driveway. She was LifeFlighted to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital but for only reasons God can explain she went home to Him... not back to Franklin as we all so desperately wanted.

We are all humbled by the incredible outpouring of love and support at this difficult time. I have watched you, the Chapman friends, overwhelm website servers and jam phone lines with your gracious words and heartfelt prayers. The Chapman family is so grateful. Obviously, we cherish your prayers for all in the Chapman family, and we welcome you passing this along to others to pray and encouraging them to sign up for
Steven's e-mail list to receive continuing updates.

If you'd like to express your condolences and get a glimpse of this beautiful little girl through a short video clip, click here.
Mail to PO Box 150156 Nashville , TN 37215 .

In lieu of flowers, the Chapmans request any gifts be directed to Shaohannah's Hope, click here.

In closing, as many of you know, the song "Cinderella" was written by Steven to help him (and us all) grab a hold of the special moments with those we love we might otherwise rush by. It was inspired by a bath time that Steven tried to "hurry," Maria and her sister Stevey Joy were not exactly cooperating. : ) Let us all be reminded again today what Steven compels us to with the lyric of this special song.

Maria, we already miss you so much, and we only take comfort in The Hope that assures us we'll see you again soon.

On behalf of the Chapman team and family,
Jim Houser (Manager)

Beth Moore's ministry,, is not posting for 3 days to honor Maria and her family. I like that idea and the importance three days have to Christians, therefore I am using their idea and I will not be blogging for three days.

"Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." matt. 19:14

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Getting Back In The Habit

I was walking with Chloe tonight, pushing her in the jogger and I decided I wanted to try and run just about 1-2 minutes. I've got some weight to lose, too many weddings this summer! That went well, I felt good. I did have to disregard the fat bouncing around all over. I'm surprised I didn't injure myself with all the baby flab flying around.

I walk for a few more minutes and I want to try and run again. I mean why not, the first attempt went really well...

I take off...

I stop...

I think I almost peed myself.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Being Still

Sorry for the two depressing entries, but life isn't always funny. Matt read my blog last night and when he got into bed I asked him what he thought.

"Kind of depressing."

"I wasn't meaning for it to be depressing, it's just how my day went."

So to those that read my blog and left feeling sad, I do apologize, it was just one of those days. Things are good today. A friend came over and I was telling her how I just seem kind of out of it. I've just been in the mood to sit and observe. Last night was Bible study and we had a cookout. We got together so we could decide what our next study topic was going to be; we decided on a Max Lucado book, The Great House of God. For most of the night, I just sat in the host's screened in porch watching everyone and laughing at their silly comments. I was just enjoying the evening and wishing I had a screened in porch. It's nice to just be still every once in a while.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Earlier today I wrote about my crazy trip to the park with Chloe and Cooper, then 5:30pm rolled around and I watched the national evening news. I rarely watch the national new, too much politics and too much sadness.

I happened to be pumping at 5:30, the tv was on. I saw pictures of the damage the earthquake caused in China... I am humbled and guilt ridden.

I complain about going to the park and it being difficult for me. The reality of it all is I have my two kids. I'm not standing outside crumbled buildings, my throat parched, my eyes dried from all the tears shed, my belly aching, not because I'm hungry but because I am sick with fear; fear of the worst. I am not clinging to the possibility my child may come out from underneath the impossible. No, I sit here at my computer in my own world and complain about my trip to the park; forgive me for it will happen again.

The Park... NOT WORTH IT!

Yesterday was "MOPS At The Park." Since MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) is over for the year, we have monthly gatherings scheduled like going to the park and the pool. Yesterday was the park.


I got Chloe out of bed at 9am, and it wasn't 9:30 before I decided we were going to try to go to the park. She woke up on the wrong side of her crib and was taking her anger out on Cooper and me; she needed to get out.

We get to the park a little before 11:00am. The turn out is fantastic. A friend greets me at the car. She grabs Chloe and I get Cooper. As I am approaching the park I am already wanting to go home b/c I know how this adventure is going to end...

"wing, wing, wing." says Chloe in a dead sprint towards the "swings." I follow behind carrying Cooper in his car seat as he begins to cry b/c he HATES his car seat.

I lift Chloe into the swing. My friend and her son is still hanging out with us. Then both kids dart to a toddler friendly slide, I sit down and watch hoping she doesn't fall, but knowing if she does it isn't that far down and will only hurt for a brief moment.

The kids separate and Chloe decides she wants to act like a crazy person. She runs to Cooper and pulls his blanket off, pulls his pacifier out, shakes the car seat and heads for the swings. (I had just gotten him back to sleep) I grab her by the back of the shirt, she lets out the highest pitched scream that only little girls can do, especially when they are acting like brats/terds. She decides to flop around. I am trying to get Cooper to stop screaming and I can't let her go to the swings alone b/c they are all occupied w/ nice boys and girls and Chloe doesn't understand when the swings are moving, it hurts to get hit by one.

Once I am ready to go to the swings, she doesn't want to do that anymore. She starts playing on the 'not toddler friendly' part of the park. It's a cool toy, but has a lot of gaps and areas Chloe could fall through, she doesn't understand the gap thing yet.

Picture this. I am running around like a crazy person, carrying a car seat, yelling at Chloe to not step off the edge, Cooper is crying and I'm on the verge of a breakdown and slightly resenting Matt that he has never done this (taken both kids to the park). While attending to Cooper, Chloe falls off the toy, thankfully it wasn't from too high.

After 40 minutes (pat on my back) of enduring the elements, I decide to try and go home. Now this is where Chloe's true colors shine. She hates leaving the park and frankly so do I. I wanted to be able to stay and let her go crazy. I grab her up under my right arm, carry Cooper on my left and head for the truck. Chloe is kicking and screaming and I am thinking "my child really is a good girl people, please don't think she's awful."

Someone kindly asks, "Do you need help?"
"No, it's pointless now. I am almost there." I say while fighting back the tears.

I get Chloe into her car seat and she goes 'fish out of water' on me and I can't get her buckled in. I offer to go get fries b/c Lord knows I needed a pop and kiddie cheeseburger to help get me through; she calms down. I go to put Cooper's seat on the base and he is still screaming and I realize I can't find his pacifier, "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10"

I call my friend as I am pulling away from the gates of hell and ask her to grab it if she sees it.

I fight back more tears and call Matt and tell him about my morning. He says sorry, but that's all, I wanted a medal or something.

I have since decided, I will never do that again. Matt and I have to go 'man on man' defense when it comes to the park, zone is for idiots, it never works, usually not in basketball either.

I was recently introduced to the golden arches; McDonald's. I had never in the past thought about taking her there to play. From now on, it's McDonald's.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Family & Dedications

We had the Knox Family (Easter) gathering yesterday (Sat.). It was a long day, but lots of fun.

After the gathering, we headed off for church. We went back to our old stomping grounds; LifeChurch Tulsa Campus. They were doing baby dedications and so we had Cooper dedicated (not saved). What that means is we promise before God and our church to raise Cooper up in a Christ-filled home. (We promised Christmas of '06 to raise Chloe that way don't worry, she was dedicated then, we didn't forget her).

The youth pastor prayed over us. He did a really great job.

We promise!

Cooper's friend, Cole, got dedicated also, he is next to Matt with his parents. They made the same promise; we are raising Warriors for Christ!

Here's Chloe's dedication. She was 4 months old; time goes by so fast!

Thursday, May 8, 2008


It's been a while, but while in the bath tub once, Chloe farted and the bubbles came to the water's surface not to the back, but to the front of her. Matt was giving her a bath and she laughed and said, "Bubbles."

Matt cracked up, he told me, and I proceded to crack up.

Since, any time she farts she'll grab the front of her diaper and say with a giggle, "haha, bubbles." She doesn't yell it or make a big deal out of it, but it sure is funny. If she accidentally farts she'll tell us she made a bubble. Usually we laugh and then you see her tight fisted, red faced and trying to squeeze out another and she is successful 9 times out of 10.

At this moment, I am in the computer/ Cooper's room. Chloe is in her room "taking a nap" and I can hear her talking, singing and laughing. About 10 minutes ago, I heard a pop, not loud, come from her room. She giggles and I hear, "Bubbles." She says it ever so softly as if she's informing her stuffed animals of the noise and or smell that aroused them from their afternoon nap.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

What should I do?

What do you do when your almost 21 month old hits you, repeatedly? If I tell her not to do something she will hit me, usually on the chest. If I tell her, in a stern voice, not to hit me she will hit me again. Today I guess I wasn't paying enough attention to her and she smacked me on the leg. I didn't say anything, so she decides to hit Cooper on his head. I snatched her up and dragged her to her room w/o her silky (her fav. blanket) and tossed her in her bed all the while telling her as stern as I could, "YOU DO NOT HIT YOUR BROTHER!" She cried, but not b/c she was in her bed, but b/c she didn't have her silky.

So I ask you, what do I do? Just let her grow out of it? I had heard once that toddlers hit b/c they have no other way to express their anger, like it's instinctive. Makes sense I guess, but how do I change her instincts?

This evening we were at Lowe's (the whole fam.) buying chair railing stuff for Coop's room. Chloe just hauls off and hits me b/c I told her to quit messing with Cooper's car seat (he was sleeping). Matt tells her in his very stern voice, "DO NOT HIT YOUR MOM!" So what does she do? She hits me again.

It's an endless cycle.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Cooper's New Room

Last week, my mother in law called and asked if they could take Chloe for a few days before they go on their mission trip. This call came around Monday morning. On Tues. morning, I asked Matt if we could just UPS Chloe to them, she was being an almost 2 year old girl! Example:

On Wednesday, I kept asking Matt, "Are you sure they are coming tomorrow?"

"Yes, they said they would be here in the morning around 10:00am."

"They are for sure coming?"

"Yes, Megan as long as no one dies or goes into the hospital." he responds annoyed with my constant need for reassurance, but not knowing why I keep asking b/c he goes to work everyday and Chloe is usually an angel when he gets home.

"Ok, well I am going to get her stuff together then."

"Sounds good Megan."

Wednesday, after they got out of church, Matt called them to finalize the details of their arrival. I can hear him on the phone say, "Yeah, I told her 'as long as no one dies or goes into the hospital'." Now he says this with a weird tone, not like joking like a serious tone.

I started to panic, I began thinking of who else we could call. I had already gotten my hopes up of being with out her for 3 WHOLE days! I knew I wasn't going to be able to mentally handle her, I had already checked out and there was no coming back.

Matt hung up the phone. "THEY AREN'T COMING ARE THEY?!" I say, not judgmentally, but saddened and disappointed and sinfully not liking that some one had passed and Matt's dad had to do the funeral. Like his dad says, "I marry 'em and I bury 'em." He doesn't say that as a joke, just as reality.

Matt assures me they are coming.

Thursday morning, the sun is shining birds are chirping and there is the smell of spring in the air. I get up a littler earlier than normal and start to get Chloe's stuff together. It's as if she knows she's getting away from me for a few days b/c she is acting like a little saint. Around 9:00am I call Matt and ask if his parents are on the way.

"Hi Matt! Are your parents on their way?"

"No, they are going to come this evening. They are going to the hospital and then will come up here when they are done."

"Oh, ok, why didn't you call me and tell me this? I have been running around the house like a crazy person getting things washed, dried and packed before they get here."

"I was fixing to." he quietly says which means he forgot.

"So does that mean they will be here for dinner? If that's the case where is everyone going to sit? Did you forget we have no table chairs?"

"No Megan I didn't forget that we have no table chairs. I can bring some of the metal ones home from work."

"Oh b/c that's welcoming."

The Saturday before these events we saw a lady selling her table chairs. We didn't buy them at the time b/c I didn't want to spend the money then and I thought we could just continue to eat on the couch, no biggy, no one ever eats here any ways.

"Do you WANT me to go by that lady's house and see if she sold those chairs?" he asks.

"Yes, I do." I say relieved he finally figured it out.

We buy the chairs, the in laws arrive, we eat dinner and Chloe leaves. As they pull out of the drive I have a weird feeling. I am glad to get a break, but sad I feel that way, BUT I am also glad she will be going to a place where she won't hear "NO" every 2 seconds. I find myself saying that a lot, in fact, I worry her vocabulary will narrow to that being the only word she says.

Friday goes great. I sleep most of the day with Cooper on my chest.

Saturday morning... Matt asks, "Sooo, what are we going to do today?"

"Oh, I don't know. What do you have in mind?"

"Well, we could redo Cooper's room."

"Ok." I say thinking that means just a coat of paint.

We arrive at Sherwin-Williams and Matt's decorating wheels begin spinning. I am no good at this kind of thing. I know what looks good and what I like or don't like, but making a final decision is way to hard and overwhelming for me. I hate going into 1/2 of 1/2 Name Brand Clothing b/c it's just too hard to decide and pick through all the things.

Matt decides he wants to paint the room a shade of blue (I'm not a fan of blue rooms) but then he wants to do the crackle effect to it and brown is the top coat. I like his idea, but realize it is going to take a while to do. Oh and he wants to put up a chair rail, which will look fantastic I'm just not very patient.

Cooper's room before... We just started putting on a white coat to cover the purple. Stay tuned for pic's of the final project.

Oh and Chloe's home now, so it will be interesting trying to finish this. We will have to tackle it after she goes to bed. It will look nice though when it's done, plus Matt is fired up to do Cooper's room.

Friday, May 2, 2008

I Just Got Stimulated!!

Yes sir E! I just got stimulated!!

Many of you may have heard, and if you haven't heard please come out of your shell, Pres. Bush had the gov. issue "stimulus checks" to us good ol' Americans (tax payers). Yes, ours arrived in my bank account this morning!! That's how I got stimulated, shame on you people with your dirty thoughts, I am only 4 weeks postpartum!!

Plans for the money? Well, after tithing off of it, we hope to find a cheap-o car. The rest will probably go to dr. bills. We have a deductible that has to be met before our insurance really does its job. Matt knocked out half of the amount with his winter injury (Achilles) and Cooper and I probably knocked out the remainder; easily. It's expensive to bring life into the world, jeesh.

Hope everyone gets stimulated soon!