Friday, February 27, 2009

Stairway To Heaven

I had to take Coop to the doctor this morning. We decided to change dr's yet again (this is his 3rd) b/c the last one angered and offended me. So the new one is in Broken Arrow and he has seen Chloe since birth. Anywho, none of that matters except 'we were driving in the car this morning.'

We were south of town and I notice cars and trucks on the ground near a few of those really tall cell phone tower type things.

"Hmmm," I thought, "I wonder if they are up the tower?" So I glance up and sure enough, there were three guys (I'm stereotyping) climbing one of the two towers!! And they were almost to the wee top of it! I was so excited, not sure why, I'm just nosey. So I do what any normal person would do, I honk. They do what any 'normal' person would do who is about 500ish to 1000ish (I don't know how high) feet off the ground, they wave at me!

On my way home, I literally prayed they were still up there b/c I wanted to take a picture, but knew I didn't bring my zoom lens. I had a feeling this morning that I should grab it, I thought it was a crazy idea so I didn't. Now I know God was saying, "Megan, you are going to see something really cool today and you will want your zoom lens." Ya I didn't listen God sorry.

I'm about 2 miles away and I see this...

I know you can't see the little tiny people in this picture, but when the picture is larger you can. I could see them when I was driving, so I snapped.
Remember, it is not a good idea to take pictures while driving.

As I was editing the photos, I looked at this one thinking, "Aw man, I didn't get anything." Then I noticed something,

Is that cinco on the very top? Update: I am a mom and therefore my mind leaves me for brief moments during the day. That explains why I skipped quatro and went straight to cinco. This was pointed out to me by my father-in-law. Now I feel like a dummy.

I had to crop and zoom this one to get this.

Just so you know this was totally the highlight of my day.

My dad would totally call me a hick for admitting that.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Forgotten Simplicities

Growing up, my grandmother was a stickler for 'thank you' cards. It drove my mom crazy how important the card was to my grandma. For me, I didn't mind.

Now that I'm older, and wiser *haha* I see the importance of a note arriving in the mail.

In this day of texting, emailing, IMing, eviting and running to a fro, I have started to reflect a little on the simplicities of a note.

In the mail recently, the kids received invites to some birthday parties. At the time, I didn't think anything about it, the fact that it arrived in the mail, it just made sense. Then a few days ago, I was told that Matt and I were missed at a surprise birthday party. We were missed b/c the friend had an old email address for me.

About a month ago, I got a phone call asking me if I knew a college buddy was pregnant. I was shocked, I hadn't heard. Why hadn't I heard? It was announced over facebook, FACEBOOK!!

At least two times, someone sent a text that contained highly exciting news, ie. pregnancy, engagement. And I didn't receive either. (This was before we took the leap and added texting to our plan.)

It seems too much in life hinges on the hope and belief that someone checks their email, or their computer is still working, or they even have facebook (I do not), texting and such.

I do agree there are certain things that etiquettly speaking could be sent via the internet. For example, an animals birthday, the death of such animal, possibly you soliciting advice from people, or just a simple "I hate you" email. (That's personal, but a joke.) But nothing should be sent via internet that is more personal than the examples I just laid out for you.

I was lying in bed last night and this topic kept me awake. I asked Matt, "Do you think if a parent asked their child to physically write a thank you card to so and so, the child would know what the parent was talking about?"
"Uhh, probably not." He said half asleep. It drives him nuts that I get all philosophical at 10:30 at night.

Not once have I used the evite thing although I have received many, and I'm not hatin', well maybe a little, but I'm just flabbergasted by the little things in life that have been forgotten and 'made better'... we think.

Monday, February 23, 2009

What's Holding You Back?

Don't let the bars of life hold you back, press up against them and yell... for Cooper.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wishing For A Zit

Has your head been so clogged with snot, boogers and gunk that you actually wished for anything that would bring relief?

I was pushing around on my face, mainly on the sides of my nose area. Then my fingers moseyed their way up around my eyes and then towards my jaws for a little massage. I grind my teeth at night and every once in a while I need a jaw massage.

While pushing and rubbing my face, I noticed that my eyes felt as if they were going to pop right out of my head! I ceased all rubbing just in case the, "your face will stay like that" comeback to an insult is true.

So I thought to myself on ways to get relief...

1) Medicine- Check. It isn't working

2) Go to the Doctor- No check. I'm a cheap-skate (sp).

3) Pop my head with a needle- No check, that might be messy

4) A ZIT?- Maybe a zit, when popped, would relieve the pressure!?

So I'm wishing for either a zit or an adult sized nasal suction bulb thingy. I tried using Cooper's, but my nose is too large.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

John Deere Green Date

Chloe has a friend named Ssssss-AM(we are working on our 'S') or Yam ,if you speak Chloe. She loves Sam, well she loves Sam's mom more, but she loves them both. She used to love Scout or Cout, their dog more than them all, but she has grown to love the humans in the household equally as much as the canine.
Scout's behind and below is Scout's more flattering side.

Betsy, Sam's mom, invited us over to play last week. Sam got a set of wheels for Christmas and he needed a gal to ride alongside him. Chloe thought his tractor was sexy when she first laid her blue eyes on it, but that sexiness soon turned to concern.

This is a look of, "Where am I going and what is going on?"

Sam had been drinking and driving and therefore ran into the trash can and bushes. Before backing out, Sam needed one last swig of the hard stuff--milk.

The scene above and the cackling mailman, is a good preface going into the next photo. Is preface the right word?

Chloe is hanging on and I'm beginning to get nervous. Sam spent most of the time going in circles. Chloe is looking at him like, "Why are you making that noise?"

"Here Chloe, see I can drive." He says as she tries to smile.

Sorry Sam, she's not the dragging main type of gal buddy. Better luck next time, when you've had less milk.

Monday, February 16, 2009

But I'm Not Crazy...

...I'm just a little unwell
I know right now you can't tell
But stay awhile and maybe then you'll see
A different side of me
--Matchbox 20

Friday, February 13, 2009

Recession Proof Sweethearts?

Matt and I don't purposefully celebrate Valentine's Day. Never have probably never will. My preacher says, "I don't need a candy sponsored day to tell me to tell my wife that I love her. So I will wait until February 15, go buy the candy half price and bring it home. See the joke's on you! You pay full price and I'll pay half price and get the same reaction."

(Chloe has put all her animals on her pillow and she's sleeping on her blankets. Now that's sacrifice.)

I do have to admit though, I'm getting the itch to buy Chloe a huge stuffed bear. She's a stuffed animal vulture. (example above) She lurks around trying to find one she can love on and carry around. I'm surprised Matt hasn't succumb to her sweetness and purchased her one. He came home the other day after a visit to Wal-Mart, "Megan, do you think we should get something for Chloe?"

"Ya, I guess if you want." I wasn't really excited about the idea, but then I took Chloe to Wal-Mart and I said to Matt, "Matt, do you think we should get something for Chloe?" He laughed because he knew my heart melted when I saw her with the animals in the Valentine's aisle. Here is a re-creation.

Chloe: "Ahhh *kisses bear* momma a bear! Grrr. Ahhh momma nother bear. *kisses the other one* Ahh momma a rog. (frog) *kisses the frog* Ahhhh momma more bears. Bye bear, bye rog."

Me: "I know honey. Ya, honey. Kiss it bye honey. Ok ya, give it a hug and a kiss."

She's very polite.

Chloe did have a Vday party at MDO. She got so much candy, luckily she doesn't know what candy is. While searching through the stash, I found some Sweethearts. You know the ones with the writing on them. I was going to glue the Sweethearts onto scrapbook paper and write a little poem using the hearts. For Matt of course.

This is what I found inside.

I've decided Necco, the heart maker, has found a cost saving way to make their hearts..... with out words and looking like they've already been sucked on and put in the box. Yum.

Nothing says "I love you" like a blank half eaten heart.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

An Idea For Pictures

This picture ranks in my top 5 most favoritest pictures I've taken. It probably would be number one if it weren't for the truck in the background. I haven't yet figured how to Photoshop it out. This was taken on Chloe's 2nd birthday way back in August of 2008. I liked it so much that I had it picture made into a postcard. When you order them you can have them, Wal-Mart, write something on the back, so I had them write "Jesus, I lift my hands in praise for the wonderful rain you have made and for the wonderful people I've met along the way."
-Chloe Joy

Since I printed one of Chloe, I wanted to print one of Cooper. This was taken a few days after Chloe's birthday photo. I had walked in Coop's room and found him on his belly, so I took some pictures and had them printed into thank you postcards.

On the back of this one, I had printed, "From my crib to yours, thank you." -Cooper Matthew

Just a fun idea of something to do with your pictures. The one of Chloe I used as a thank you card a few times and as a 'pick you up' kind of card.

I used Wal-Mart to print these, but I believe Mpix and snapfish also have the postcard option on their websites.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Run

In June of 2005, I went out for my usual run along the banks of the beautiful Claremore lake aka. Claremore's water supply. We moved to Claremore in March of 2005, Matt got a new job with Fastenal and our life was getting back to a sense of normalcy after leaving the ranch.

Normalcy? I say that, but I was still in a funk. I was still hurting, I was still slightly angry and I was still slightly blaming myself for our situation. In order to make pain go away, some people drink, some smoke, some shop, some even eat. I on the other hand, would run. I would run until I was to the point of shear pain. I longed for it really. The pain that is. I felt I deserved it, but I also loved the feeling of accomplishment when I got done and my body was soaked to my underwear and my eyes would sting from the sweat droplets. I hated Claremore with a passion, but I loved running there. I actually miss that about that town.

Then one day, it happened. I take that first jogging step and BAM! I drop to my knees. I can't feel my legs. They are completely numb all the way to my toes. It's that feeling you get when you've been sitting on your feet and when you try to wake them up your legs go all 'pins and needles' on you. You know that feeling?

I had that feeling, only I couldn't feel my legs. I couldn't tell where they were in space. I felt like Phoebe running. All spastic looking.

After many doctor visits, blood tests, MRI's, a MS scare, questions and no answers, I gave up.

In October of 2005, I started to be able to exercise again. I still couldn't run, but I could do water aerobics. Then in November of 2005, I learned I was pregnant.

I hadn't had a problem since.

Until right after Christmas. I can no longer feel my right leg. Not sure why, not sure how, but hopefully the feeling will return.

I have a P.T. friend who is attempting to 'fix' me. I sure hope I'm fixable b/c the weather has been calling for a run.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

OHH the Snuggie

I see this one particular infomercial ALL THE TIME. I thought it looked like a good idea until Matt informed me of his opinion on the product.

I'll give you one word and keep that word in mind when watching the clip.

Here's the word: MONKS

EVERY TIME I see this thing I just crack up laughing, especially at the part where they are gathered around the fire and at the game. They all look like they escaped from a monastery. You've got a monk mom, monk dad, monk husband and wife, monk daughter, monk son, non-monk baby, monk student, monk man watching tv, monk grandma knitting herself another monk outfit, the non-monk dog and then the cute monk family roasting marshmallows outside the 'family' monastery and gathered at the monk football game.

Here's Jay Leno's opinion... funny. WARNING he says a bad word.. It's the other word for butt.

Confess if you own the snuggie!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Costly Addiction

A few weeks ago, I turned 29. *tear, sniff* To ease that pain, a friend invited me to breakfast at a local 'health foods coffee shop/ eatery'. I had never eaten there or even ventured inside to take a peak. When we got inside, I asked, "What do you normally get?" Beth, my friend, said, "I get a chagel, which is egg and cheese on a whole wheat bagel and a chai latte." I thought about it and asked, "Does the chai taste like coffee?" With which she promptly answered, "No, not at all."

Me being an inexperienced, naive and uneducated in the world of fine coffee ordering and drinking, (I've said before I drink my creamer with a splash of coffee.) I didn't know that chai was tea, but that embarrassing story is for another day.

She ordered and I just dittoed the same thing. A few minutes later, the infamous chai latte with spices arrived at the table in a beautiful and rather large mug, "Mmm, this looks yummy. I hope I like it b/c this probably was not a dollar." I take a sip, yes I burned my tongue, "Yum this is very good!" I was so excited that I didn't have to pretend to like it in order for her not to feel she wasted her money.

That day has changed everything.

I wake up in the morning, pining for a chai latte. I go to bed at night, pining for a chai latte. Chloe yells at me and I think of chais. Cooper poops all over and I see chais all over the room in their fancy mugs.

A few days after my birthday, the day of new beginnings and new addictions, I went back to the place where it all changed. The place where 'yum' turned into "I gotta have it." When I ordered, the sweet and upsaling woman asked, "Would you like vanilla in that?"
"You bet, hit me with the works!" I sat in the car and waited ever so patiently as the miracle worker prepared my new drug with vanilla. (The vanilla is extra. I didn't know that at the time. See how she did that. She added a new drug to make the already existing drug better. Berry Berry sneaky)

So now the inner battle begins. Or actually the battle of the pocketbook.

In order NOT to spend all the money we have in savings and in our checking account (which isn't a plethora of cash) I have asked my husband permission to visit the latte heaven once a week. I will go on the days Chloe goes to school. That way I will get to drink my chai latte with vanilla, in peace.

Now I'm trying to figure out how to make a chai with vanilla at home. I don't own a frother or a fancy coffee maker with that steam launching stick or a tea steeper thing. I don't even know if I am spelling it all correctly.

I guess I'll go have a cup of creamer until next Wednesday.

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Concert

We made it to see Chris Tomlin. We had great seats, got a good parking spot and this is what we heard behind us the WHOLE night... (Play video below.) It's comparable to what we heard.

Only we were hearing this from a woman. Sweet as can be, but her noise was definitely only joyful to the Lord.

Praise God he loves us with our inabilities.

Thank God, this is how Chris sounds.

Here's the story behind the song "Love." Good story and a great song. This isn't the video of him at the concert we attended, but he told the exact story to us.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Blessings With Time

I've got two really good seats to see Chris Tomlin tomorrow (Wed.) night at 7:00 at the spirit bank center in Bixby. I paid 30 each for them but will sell them for 25 each if anyone wants them. Or if anyone wants to be my date, you can come for free with me and I'll drive. ;) If you don't want to be my date and you would prefer to bring that man in your life, let me know. Matt and I can't go.. long story that involves transients.

I've seen him in concert before and he ranks up there as one of my all time favorites... so good. Anyways, I'd love to go with someone, but if someone wants them just let me know, you'll be getting a smashing deal considering they will be charging 5 bucks more at the door.

Who: Chris Tomlin
Where: Bixby, Spirit Bank Center
When: Wed. Feb. 4th at 7:00pm'
Cost: 50bucks for both
Seats: Section 101 Row F Seats7 &8 Matt and I sat in these seats for SCC & MWS and they were perfect.

Ok, let me know. Hope everyone is well. Let me know if you want them or want me.. (growl)
Megan Knox

That is the email I sent to some of my friends here in B'ville.

I bought tickets months ago, for Matt and I to see Chris Tomlin. Our plan was to drop the kids off at his parents, go to the concert, which is just miles from their house, go back to my in-laws, stay the night and go home on Thursday.

That plan had to be changed.. long story, not for here. But my in-laws were unavailable. So I called a few people and they couldn't go. I had decided I would go alone, but felt guilty about wasting Matt's ticket. So I sent the above email.

I got a response from a friend. She offered to watch our kids tonight so Matt and I could go. So sweet of her.. But if you'll read the previous post, you will see one of the random things about me is I don't receive 'things/help/blessings' from people very well. This offer she made was great, but made me feel weird.

I talk to my SIL who says her hubby struggled with the same 'receiving blessings syndrome' I now suffer from. She told me how he realized when we turn down some one's offer to help or give, we are rejecting God! AND she's right. She went on to say how by people blessing us and you, God may have a blessing for them and if we reject their help they may not be able to receive what God had in the works for them! WOWZERS!! What a revelation!

I saw watching my children as a chore not something that could bless them. I see it that way not b/c I don't love my children, but Chloe has been slightly difficult lately. Basically, she is being mean to me and I'm finding it hard to want to be around her. I know she'll grow out of it and it's just a phase, but my feelings are hurt SOOO that being said, I was not understanding how anyone, other than family, could want to spend time with my kiddos. (Chloe is sweet to everyone else, it's just me she's mean too.)

I now realize blessing don't only come in the shape of money, cars, houses, food and material things, but blessings can come in the form of a clock or time. When someone buys me a chai latte, I felt so blessed, but now if someone offers to watch my children, I feel more blessed and I pray that God blesses them ten fold for their sacrifice of their time.

My brother in law told Matt a story one time. We were struggling financial. This was right before we moved to the ranch. We would spend weekends out there staying with they boys while the 'normal' house parents would take a weekend off. The weekends we would stay, the ranch would pay us. We didn't like taking the money b/c it didn't' feel like work to us but yet we really needed that money. Matt was telling this to his brother and his brother shared a story/ parable. haha

There was this guy trapped on the roof. The water was raging all around him, he couldn't get off of his roof or he's drown. A raft comes by, "Hey, sir, you want a ride?" The man said, "No, the Lord will save me." So they left. Then a boat comes by, "Hey, sir, you want to get in?" The man said, "No the Lord will save me." So the boat left. Then a helicopter comes by, "Hey, sir, you want to get in?" The man said, "No the Lord will save me." So the helicopter left. Moral of the story? God will help you or bless you, it just may not be in the form you are used to seeing.

Thanks friends.

Blessed Random-ness

I've been the recipient of a lot of awards today and they are starting to make me feel a little funny. Kind of like, either perhaps people like me or perhaps I'm their only option. I was tagged by Daniele and blessed with an award BUT be prepared b/c I am going to break the rules.

First, the above picture is the fourth picture from the fourth folder in the picture area of my computer. It's Chloe Joy on Thanksgiving in 2006, she was almost 4 months old. I can remember this picture. I told my MIL I didn't have any professional pictures taken of Chloe and didn't plan on it, so she being a grandmother who needs grandkid pictures like a crack addict need their crack. I pleased her and let her create a 'backdrop' for her to snap pictures of Chloe. And apparently I snapped some too, b/c I have them. Keep in mind this was taken with my 4mp point and shoot.

I also was blessed with another award, but I am not going to show you b/c I am embarrassed. But I will partake in part of the rules. I have to say seven random things about myself. This should be fun b/c I am already random. I just hope I can be random enough.

1) I am extremely anal. If I start a grocery list and mess up, I have to start over. Once the list is made, I have to re-write it so it's nice and perrrty. If Matt writes on my list, he has to listen to me moan and groan and then I'll re-write it again. My list is separated by the aisles in Wal-Mart. I used to be very detailed and intricate about my list when we worked at the boys ranch. Believe it or not I've loosened up a little. (tiny tiny bit)

2) I go by my middle name. My first name is Jeanne. (Like I Dream of Jeannie) So ya, when word got around in h.s. that my middle name was Jeanne, I heard, "Can I rub your bottle?" all day long. In college, on the first day of a new semester, I would have to correct EVERY teacher. The professor would say, "Raise your hand when I call your name." My name would be next, "Umm, aahh, J, uhh, Jean(Gene), Jean Ann, Ja Ja neeen???" I'd say, "It's Jeanne, but I go by Megan." Their response, "Oh ok, Megan(Magen)." I learned to just let it go.

3) My eyebrows are blonde.

4) I don't like it when people do nice things for me. I'm the one who likes to do nice things for people. I'm not a good receiver. I'm trying to work on it.

5) In college, I was homeless and slept on a couch for a whole semester. The girls I lived with played soccer so they were rarely home. My closet was the water heater closet. Once, maintenance came by and had to go in the water heater closet and they wanted to know why there were clothes in the closet. We lied and one of the girls said, "Oh I need more closet space."

6) I don't like my hands to be dirty. In college, I would eat my sandwich with a fork. Ya, I got made fun of, but they were my friends; I think.

At the ranch. This was probably my biggest while there. Not that big, but fun to catch. Notice no eyebrows.

7) I really really love to fish and I'm pretty good at it. We haven't fished much, what am I saying, we haven't fished in well, since March of 2007! I caught a huge huge bass. So big, Matt thought I was just hung up and that I should cut my line, but I knew there was a fish on there. So after about half an hour of trying to get it in and 'it' not moving, 'it' finally started acting like a fish. I got it up to the surface and started yelling, "MATT MATT MATT IT'S ON THERE, I GOT IT!!!" I was freaking out. We were standing on a dock so our reach into the water was obstructed by the railing. Matt reaches in to grab her and if I'm lying I'm dying. That fish jumped in the air and swam away. She was huge. Even Matt will agree. The part of the story that's near unbelievable? On my hook was a crappie. Now I was fishing with minnows in order to catch crappie... SOOO what happened is, the crappie ate the minnow the exact time the bass was going after the crappie. That's why I didn't feel it! I didn't have her(bass) hooked b/c she was trying to eat the crappie! I lost three large bass that day. I haven't been back since. I have entered counseling.

At the ranch. Matt caught a lot of big fish out there.

At the ranch.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Trip To The Zoo

Saturday morning, we met some friends at the zoo. The day couldn't have been better AND the zoo is half price on the weekends! I thought I'd share some of my pictures with you. These have not been edited.
The first animals we visited were the chimps. They were all outside eating ice from the 'pond.' If you look in its hand you can see something white. It's ice.

Coop halfway through the day. We made a pit stop to pee, poop, eat and wait on some other friends that were going to join us. Coop looks semi awake. This was before his bottle.

And this is Coop post bottle. He fell asleep in the stroller and slept the rest of the time we were there, so a few hours.
Roadrunner "Beeeeep, beeeeep."

The Scissor-tailed Flycatcher. Gorgeous. Which state lays claim to this bird as their state bird? Bueller?

"Her name was Lola, she was a show girl." I don't know why that song pops into my head EVERY TIME I see a flamingo.

This possibly could be Lola.
Not Lola and not a razorback and not a pig... Any guesses?

Ahh the life of a sea lion a relative of the seal.
And then it rolled over on its belly. Soon thereafter, it took a swim.
It was his 28th birthday Saturday. In the wild they can live to be 25-30, in captivity, 30-40. His name is Yukon and he was given presents right before I walked up. No one knew what was in the boxes, but whatever it was he rarely looked up from eating it.

The commonality among the animals this day was napping. The weather was so beautiful it called for a nap.
King of the Jungle also napping.
His Queen also napping.

Possibly napping. Although, this giraffe lost the love of his life last year. She died soon after having a miscarriage. I read that giraffe's are better at the marriage thing that humans. They stay with one man or woman for life and it's hard to pair them back up with another when their lover dies. Poor guy.
That ended our day. I didn't get many pictures, but our friends took some that were different and better than mine. He's a pro though, literally.