Sunday, November 20, 2011

Weekly "I AM"

"I will praise the Lord at all times. I will constantly speak his praises." -Psalm 34:1

Outside my window... It's dark and it's cold, really cold.

I am thinking... That I might start doing these "I AM" things on Sunday. Technically, the week starts on Sunday and I have more time to type these then. It's hard to find a moment during the week to blog. Well, I take that back. I have moments. I just don't blog when I have them. I usually eat or nap.

Colbie turns 1 on Saturday and I'm still in shock. She is just about walking. She can take one good solid step but then she sits down. She is signing like crazy 'milk' and 'eat.' Somehow she learned how to blow kisses! I'm not sure where she learned this heart melting skill but we love it and it's hilarious! She is very funny and within the past month or so has really started to try and make us laugh. Now I just wish she would sleep through the night. She just won't for us. Last night she woke at her usual 1:30. We fed her and got her back to sleep and in her bed. Then she slept until almost 9:30!!! What?! I don't get her.

I am really excited for Thanksgiving. Last year, I was screaming in pain, begging nurses to give me pain meds. I was in labor but not in labor. I was stuck at a 2cm for all. day. It was terrible and so stinking painful. She was born the next day after 24 hours of labor. If we have another kid, I wonder if I'll labor faster? Ya, doubtful.

I like coffee.

I am planning to cook... I have no idea. I do have all the makings for chicken and rice soup. It's a short week and my mind doesn't want to think. I do have desserts on my mind though! haha

I am reading... I had to put down "Bringing Up Boys" for now. I'll read it here and there but I just needed some more action and something I can read a little faster because I'm almost out of time to reach my goal of 26 books this year. Sooo, I bought a Bill Hybels book called "Just Walk Across the Room." I'm really excited about this one. I am loving it so far, but I love Bill and his way of teaching.

I am hearing... The tv is on in the background and Matt is getting his stuff ready for work tomorrow.

I am praying... For us moving, some personal things that I'm not ready to share here, and for friends.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Finding My Funny

I mentioned a few years ago that I felt like I lost my funny. I had been through so much with my not feeling well, not being able to exercise, not knowing what was wrong with me, having a family to take care of, a commuting husband, doctors thinking I'm crazy, to finally a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. The diagnosis didn't make the flowers smell any better but it definitly made me notice them more.

Now that I'm on the backside of that, I feel like I am finally coming up for air. I'm finally able to breath again. I'm able to laugh again.  Being able to run and exercise has beena huge factor in finding my funny.

I'm excited to bring back the funny. Now if I can just find the time.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Weekly "I AM"

"God is our refuge and strength, always ready for help in times of trouble. So we will not fear when earthquakes come and the mountains crumble into the sea." -Psalm 46:1-2

Outside my window... It's been raining, finally. I just saw on Twitter that there is a Tornado Warning in a handful of counties in Oklahoma. I guess a tornado was spotted on the ground. Need I remind everyone that it is indeed November! It looks cold out but the actual temp is in the upper 50's.

I am thinking... I'm rarely ever thinking one thing. A few of the thoughts I've had today are: The verse is to go along with our mega earthquake we had over the weekend. That was some crazy scary fun.

 I'm glad Matt stayed home from work, even if the both of us don't feel great. It's been really nice talking to him, making lunch for him and chatting over the lunch. We rarely have quiet moments, but today we had a semi quiet moment. Cooper was napping, Chloe was at school and only Colbie was up. She was good though. Matt and Cooper have had some bonding time today, cuddling on the couch and watching
cartoons. Coop stayed home from school because he started puking around 4 am.

This headache I have is either from being sick or from lack of coffee due to being sick and unable to keep anything down.

Contrary to the 'rude commentor' on my blog a month or so ago, we actually do support Compassion. They have been on my mind a lot today because a handful of bloggers are going to Ecuador to visit children. I really want to do one of these trips one day.

Church yesterday was about being a hypocrite. I'm sure there are areas in my life when I have been a hypocrite. I just hope if I do or am, that someone would lovingly point that out. I don't want to be one of "those people."

I am planning to cook... Since Matt was home, I made chicken and rice soup for lunch and it will go for dinner and possibly lunch tomorrow. Then, depending on how our bellies feel, I'm planning on a cheesy bean enchilada casserole thing, turkey chili and breakfast.

I am reading... I started reading "Bringing Up Boys." It's really good and I love Dobson, but I also really love reading stories. I'm behind my goal of 26 books in 52 weeks. I've got some catching up to do.

I am hearing... When I started this, I wasn't hearing much. Now, I hear Colbie laughing, Matt cleaning the kitchen, Coop and Chloe talking and watching cartoons. Nice to have everyone home by 4!! Gosh this never happens.

I am praying... For God to show me if I am the hypocrite, us moving and thanking God for all he has given me. I sure am a blessed gal.

This is our sweet Jersy. We have been sponsoring her for almost a year and a half. She is becoming such a lovely woman. We pray for her every night and although we have never met, we love her so much.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

"Did you feel it?"

"Did you feel it?"

That will be the question every Oklahoman asks one another for the next few days. Instead of "How are you doing?" People will inquire if you felt the earth tremble. If you didn't you will feel a little hint of shame and embarrassment. If you did, you will have stories to swap that will most likely resemble the story of the other person you are story swapping with. "Ya, the house shook. I freaked. Have a good day."

If you are an OSU fan, you probably cracked some ridiculous joke on how God is a Pokes fan and he was jumping up and down in celebration. If you are like me and just got done watching OSU win, in a rather ugly fashion, and had moved on to the local news, you probably felt and heard what I felt and heard.

I thought the Life Flight helicopter was approaching the nearby hospital. I muted the TV to listen, it sounded louder than normal. Then I began to hear the air rumble. Then I thought the helicopter landed on my house. Then I jumped up, screamed, "HOLY CRAP!", ran to the bathroom and yelled at Matt that it was an earthquake, he responded in pure Matt fashion with, "Oh ya, is that what that is?" I proceeded to do the right and proper thing; head to Twitter and Facebook. I had to beat everyone to the posting/update punch. Then I ran outside to freak with the neighbors, only I was the only one there.

(The following was taken from

Magnitude 5.6 - OKLAHOMA

2011 November 06 03:53:10 UTC

Earthquake Details

  • This event has been reviewed by a seismologist.
Location35.599°N, 96.752°W
Depth5 km (3.1 miles)
Distances34 km (21 miles) NNE of Shawnee, Oklahoma
63 km (39 miles) SSE of Stillwater, Oklahoma
68 km (42 miles) ESE of Guthrie, Oklahoma
71 km (44 miles) ENE of OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma
Location Uncertaintyhorizontal +/- 13.9 km (8.6 miles); depth +/- 3 km (1.9 miles)
ParametersNST=298, Nph=298, Dmin=208.2 km, Rmss=1.54 sec, Gp= 22°,
M-type=regional moment magnitude (Mw), Version=9

Friday, November 4, 2011

My Blue Heaven 2011

Last year was our first time going to this little treasure on the Little Buffalo River. We went with some friends and had such a wonderful time, we all decided to go back!

This was our view every morning. Gosh, it's such a beautiful place.
We left Colbie with Grandma and Grandpa so we could spend some quality time with Chloe and Cooper. They had such a wonderful time. Matt and I really enjoyed our time with them. These kids LOVE the outdoors, throwing rocks is their specialty. When we left, Cooper cried and cried. He wanted to go fishing. That's our boy.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Three C's

I needed some shots of the kids before the leaves completely fell off the trees. So one afternoon, I got the kids dressed and we headed out to take some pictures. What you can't see in the pictures is the brutal cold wind. I have a new appreciation for photographers who shoot pictures of children. It wore me out trying to get all three to smile and look at camera at the same time.
These were my three favorite poses and I edited them for a little more color. Fall is pretty but can also be very drab in color.
Love them.