Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Where We Are At

My senior year English teacher would throat chop me for putting 'at' after 'where' but in this moment, it needed to be said.

We are in a season of, gosh, not sure how to describe it. Hmm, simply put, we are in a hard season.

Before I elaborate, let's get something clear... When I speak of the difficulty and strain fostering puts on my family, I do NOT mean we are done.  Most people seem to think my complaints and struggles are leading us to end this journey.


I don't know what else to say as to not sound all 'boo hoo.'

The fact that I haven't had words since May 12th says a lot.

A friend told me, "Some kids fit and some don't." Our home isn't going to be ideal for every single child that walks through that door. It's hard to realize that because I think we should be able to handle anything buuutt we can't. My kids can't.

I'm not sure I even answered the title.

Where we are is in a season of needing rest.

I heard an analogy once. I love analogies.

Christians are like sponges. We soak up Jesus and then we get squeezed and out He comes but eventually there is nothing left in the sponge.

That is where we are.

A dry sponge needing a refill of Jesus.

P.S. My posting about our journey is not in any shape or form for pats on the back or sorry feelings for us... It is just my telling of our story.