Thursday, April 19, 2012

Like A Glove

I sometimes have bad dreams, nightmares really. Back in 'tha day,' high school, I'm sure they consisted of failing a test, being naked in front of the school or getting busted for sleeping in class. I can't really remember the bulk of them. However, there is one I can remember very clearly.

Showing up to softball practice &/or game without a necessary item; cleats, sliders, sliding leg, uniform, socks, hair tie, favorite bat OR my glove. There is nothing worse than using another person's glove. It's like wearing another person's underwear! "OOO, GROSS!! Who does that?!!" You ask? My point exactly! NO ONE! It's foreign, unheard of, like speaking jibberish or Louisianian. It doesn't make sense!

A month or so ago, I signed Chloe up for T-ball. The girl isn't a real sports phenom, I doubt I was at that age either, but I thought & possibly gave a shoulder shrug, "Why not?"

We got "the call" last week from "the coach." "The call" came in to Matt's phone, which in turn he answered and could not tell me anything other than, "There is a Parent's Meeting next Thursday, field 5 at 6:30."  Ok, that's good, those are great details. (I later learn an email was to have been sent out, but we never got that. Nor did he come away with a name of "the coach.")

So we roll in to the "Parent's Meeting" at 6:30. All the parent's are gathered around a woman, I can only assume is "the coach," papers in hand and they are nearly done with this "Parent's Meeting." In my mind, I wonder "what happened to 6:30?" I begin surveying the other children and see they all have their hair up, tennis shoes on, pink 'special' helmets and a glove. I turn to Chloe and survey her; hair down, Crocs on, no helmet and oh ya, no glove. SWEET! Then I survey the parent's and begin labeling in the "Going to be a screamer" and "Not going to be a screamer" categories, respectfully. If you've been around a ball field anywhere in the world, you know the type. If you don't know they type, go ahead and place yourself in the "Going to be a screamer category," respectfully.

As soon as the "Parent's Meeting" was over, which was when we walked up. The kids were called to the field for a practice I did not know about. I look at Matt, he looks at me and we both just laugh. I'm 99% sure the parent's in my "Going to be a screamer" category were placing us in the "Slacker parents who know nothing about the game of softball" category, respectfully. (Thankfully, one of the Dad's, who used to work with Matt, brought his son and the son brought a glove. Chloe used that.)

So Chloe did her thing and she actually did much better than I predicted. I told Matt on the way that I was prepared to lose our money as I expect she'll hate it and want to put her dresses back on and remove those awful tennis shoes. She surprised me though! I think it's going to be a fun month, at least for me and the "Going to be a screamer" parents. Don't worry, I don't fall in that category..... yet. I'll save my screaming for high school sports. hehe

Once the practice disguised as the "Parent's Meeting" was over, we loaded the mini with our very cranky children and headed home. Pull in the drive, unload the mini and our very cranky children. Matt asks, "You have the keys?" The answer to that question is usually "Yes, yes I do." Tonight it was, "No."

We found them though.
In the door.
And we left it wide open.

Monday, April 16, 2012

I'm Here!

I know. I know. I haven't blogged in over a month! A friend asked me why I stopped and my reason was 'not enough time.' That is partially true, I guess. I have time, I just don't have the motivation. I am going to attempt to be better because there are things I need to write for memories purpose. I print my blog into yearly books, therefore if it doesn't get written, I probably won't remember.

Lots going on in the casa. First, I'm 19 weeks pregnant an things are going well. In the past pregnancies, I wasn't working out and with this one I am and I feel great. My MS gets so much better when I'm prego. I joke that if someone could come up with a way to mimic pregnancy without the belly, they'd have a near cure! haha We get asked if we are going to find out the gender. My answer is, if I get my way, we are not finding out. Matt prefers to know. He says it's weird not knowing what to call it the whole time. I remember how fun it was when Cooper was born and we had no idea if he was a boy or a girl.

Second, we have an offer on a house in Broken Arrow. It's a short sale, which means we wait and wait and wait. So far, it's been, I think, just over a month since our offer was accepted by the seller. Waiting on the bank is the time consuming part. We aren't worried about it. We will either get it or not and are trusting God will pick the right one, as He is known to do. Our goal is to be in a place before school starts in the fall and for sure before the baby is due in September. Matt is looking forward to his commute being cut in half and I'm looking forward to many many things. We still have to put our house up for sale and hopefully it sells fast.

Third, Cooper turned four! We celebrated at Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine. I'll post those pictures soon I hope. Chloe is rocking school and just getting so smart! haha She is super close to being able to read. I'm really looking forward to that; reading with her.

Fourth, our church finally got a real life campus! We have been meeting in an elementary school for three years!! So nice to have a real building. It's been amazing to see the whole thing come to fruition. Love my church and the people at the Owasso campus are some very sincere amazing people.

Fifth, I'm addicted to spin.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Great Wolf 2012

A few months before Cooper's birthday, I asked him if he wanted a party or to go to Big Wolf Lodge, as he calls it. Without hesitation, he opted for Big Wolf Lodge. I was happy to oblige as we do not have the room nor do I have the time to plan and host a party. Great Wolf it is!! The plan was to leave on Wednesday, April 4 and come home Friday.
 Outside the ice cream and candy shop.

 Notice Chloe is wearing a yellow bracelet and Coop a red. Those determine what slides you can go on. Chloe is tall enough for 'big' slides as long as Matt rides with her. Coop finally noticed he wasn't getting yellow bracelets and lost his mind. When he knew Matt was riding with Chloe it broke his heart. haha On the last day, he asked the 'bearer of bracelets,' "Can I please have a yellow?" They denied him. If they let him measure in his Crocs, he was tall enough, but take of the shoes and the boy is in red territory. Next time, he'll be all over the yellow slides! :)

 Although this picture doesn't show it, Colbie had a blast. When we were here in December, she hadn't mastered walking yet which limited her playing. The zero entry/kiddie pool thing has a small ledge around on the perimeter. She would spend the whole time stepping up then stepping down, over and over. When we would open the door to our room, Colbie would try and sneak out and if she succeeded in slipping out, she made a break for it. She wanted to play!
 The last night, we opted for dinner at Rainforest Cafe. The service was poor, food was overpriced and the decor was lame BUT my kids loved it. I guess that's what matters.

 I always wait to take the group pictures on the last day. Eventually I will learn this is a bad idea.
 I didn't take this picture which possibly explains the blurriness.
 As we were walking out the door to leave, this guy was spotted by Cooper and he went nuts. NUTS!! Coop calls him Wolfie, his name is actually Wiley. The reason Coop went momentarily insane dates back to Christmas. When we were here in December, the kids got to 'build a Great Wolf animal.' Cooper built Wiley and he loves that thing. So when the 'real life' Wolfie appeared it was as if his stuffed creature came to life. It was a sweet moment.
 Chloe is holding her squirrel, I can't remember its name, that she made on the previous trip.
The kids happily posed and as we were walking away, Chloe says, "He's not real, Cooper, it's just a person in a costume." Great Chloe, thanks. Luckily, Coop was still in Wiley land and didn't hear her. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cooper Matthew

Cooper Matthew is 4!!

-Love Language is touch and words.
-Very passionate about everything!
-Loves Superheroes, Thomas, firetrucks, bugs and junk food.
-Is content doing nothing, but if given the opportunity will play until he crashes.
-When asked what he wants to be when he grows up, with out fail he says, "I want to be a Dad like my Daddy."
-Has learned at school this year; How to write his name, recognize his colors, count to 20 almost perfectly, and other things they do in a 3 year old class.
-Loves his sisters very much. When Colbie beats on him, he just sits there. Very easy going.
-Is starting to be able to remember Bible stories and can retell them.
-Favorite song is Building 429 "Where I Belong" He says it is his special song.
-Loves people.
-Now that he is 4, he tells people, "I growed and growed so much!" 
-Has the sweetest heart and wears that on his sleeve.
-Will grow to be a great Man of God, father, grandfather and Man.