Saturday, December 25, 2010

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Four Weeks Old

Goodness has time flown by since Colbie was born! She will be 4 weeks old on Christmas Eve. I can't believe it. The past four weeks have been a blur. I have had every intention of blogging, in fact I have posts written in my head. As soon as I sit down to write them, this little girl demands to be held. I comply. We go to the recliner and she forces me to nap with her.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Chapter Complete

When we found out we were pregnant with Chloe, we were surprised. When we found out we were pregnant with Cooper, we were surprised. When we found out we were pregnant with the third, we weren't surprised.

Before I got diagnosed with the MS, we knew we wanted more kids. Cooper was nine months old when my symptoms reared their ugly head.

When I got diagnosed, it never occurred to us that we would not have any more children. I knew that in prior pregnancies all the unexplained symptoms I was having would disappear without explanation. I always felt great while pregnant. It wasn't until later did I connect the dots.

When Colbie was born, the moment she came out, face up I might add, I realized all the tears, worries, jabs in the legs with a needle, MRI's, tingling, numbness... All that would get most people down and make them fearful, didn't phase us one bit. We knew adding a third person to this family was what we were supposed to do. So when I saw her and heard her for the first time, it was like a chapter in this book had been finished. And my oh my was it a looong chapter, but one that needed to be written, one that was the turning point of the whole book. Without that tumultuous chapter the rest of the book wouldn't be as good.

So many things came to pass at 4:10 am on November 26. I felt, and still feel, like we had stuck it in the devil's eye and glorified God that day. We obeyed His command, we didn't give in to the fears, we did what we had to do and lookie what we got.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sunny Side Up

The day before Thanksgiving, Wednesday, I had my weekly doctor appointment. Matt and I discussed at length if we wanted the doctor to strip my membrane. We knew Dr. S would not be on call until Saturday at midnight, so we planned to wait until Monday or Tuesday, make an appointment and have her do it then.

I'm laying on the table, while the dr does the weekly ultrasound. I begin telling her my plan. As soon as I mention Monday or Tuesday, she interrupts and informs me she will be out all of the week following Thanksgiving due to having surgery. I realized my window of having her deliver this baby was very small but I was going to change the plans and shoot for the weekend.

So I had her strip me and figured it wouldn't take until maybe Friday night. Well it took and it took Thanksgiving morning. The contractions hit at 4 am almost on the dot and they were every 7-8 minutes, but pretty painful. I decided to get up, get a shower, pack our bags and get stuff straightened. I knew once they started in a rhythm they weren't stopping.

We had plans to go to my Dad's for Thanksgiving dinner. He lives just a few miles from the hospital. We dropped the kids off with him and headed to the hospital just to see if anything was happening. Since 4 am the contractions would get closer, then would further apart, but they were getting progressively stronger.

We roll in around 3pm. They check me and I'm a 2cm and 80%. Not what I wanted to hear because that's what I was at the doctor just the day before, but I was having lots of bloody show. The nurse said I could stay and she'd check me in an hour. The hour went by, contractions are getting intense enough I have to breathe through them. She checks me; no change. We decide I will walk the halls and they'll check in another hour or two. We walk. Contractions still pretty painful, and only require me to stop and breathe. I get checked again; nothing. So we continue walking. The contractions are so strong now, I can not stand through them. I have to squat on the ground or lean on a counter. They were so painful. I begin to lose it. I can not control the crying. I'm crying because I'm hurting and crying because no one wants to help me feel better.

By now it's nearly 7pm and I can have no meds until I show progress. A new nurse comes on her shift. I have a glimmer of hope. "Maybe a new set of hands will feel something different than the other lady." She tells me to get on a ball, so I reluctantly do. I sit, cry a little and rock. My mom calls, I cry some more. She tells me to get angry at the contractions. So I decide that's sounds like a great approach and it was. I got pissed with each one and with each one I felt a little stronger.

Then the nurse comes in, it's do or die. She says I'm a 3 maybe a 4 and around 90%!!

Great news! Now call the anesthesiologist.

By 8:30p, I had my epidural and I was able to relax.

The night goes on and I predict the birth to be around 4 or 5 am Friday. That would be 24 hours of labor, which is standard for me. Chloe was 24 and Cooper was 23.

Around 3:30am, the nurse checks and I'm almost a 10. She manages to 'accidentally' break my water and I say, "Well, I bet I have her by 4am!" The nurse looks at me, smiles and says, "Well, it might be more like 5. I still have to get the doctor here and get some stuff ready." Then she walks out. The very next contraction, I felt something funny. I felt like something was trying to get out of me. I look at my mom she asks if I need to push and it kind of felt like I did. Then the next contraction hit and I knew, she was coming.

The nurse comes in, looks and says she can see the head. I start pushing at 4 and it seems to be taking a long time and a lot of effort. I feel like I'm pushing super hard and nothing is happening. I later learned the doctor was letting me stretch out.

I push one more time and literally Colbie pops out. I mean seriously. If there had been a noise, it would have 'popped.' At the time I didn't realize, but she came out looking at me. The doctor called it 'sunny side up.'

My theory is the contractions were so painful because of her position. I was in a lot of pain through out the pregnancy. My stomach still hurts to this day in the spot where the contractions were the most painful; just above my hip flexors.

She comes out screaming and trying to suck her fingers. It was awesome. They weigh her and she's 5 pounds 13 ounces, by far our tiniest baby. Chloe was 6# 7 and Coop was 7# 11.

After she was born and the gunk was out of me, I changed into my Annie and Isabel gown. Isn't it cute! I'm wearing the Annie. I received so many compliments on my gown.

So there you have it, at least most of it.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Colbie Grace

Here she is!

Colbie Grace

Born November 26, 2010

5 lbs & 13 oz

I promise to post the birth story soon.