Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Radical: The Book

A few weeks ago, I received an Advance Copy of the book "Radical: Taking Back Your Faith From The American Dream" by David Platt. When I got it, I thought, "This is gonna be just another 'be a better Christian' kind of book. But I'll read it because I said I would."

I am so glad I did! I don't know how to emphasize the impact this book has had on me and my views. I have been Radically changed!

I've wanted to write this post for a few weeks. I was tossing around ideas, words, and set up for this post on this book, but honestly, I don't know that my words can do it justice.

While reading through the book, I realized just where in my life I have been living in sin. Where I have been living this lie, this unbiblical truth we are told as Christ followers.

Where was I wrong? I'm not going to fully tell you. I want you to read it for yourself. I want you to read it, with a cup of coffee and an open heart. If you do those things, coffee is not necessary, you will be radically moved by the Holy Spirit.

I will give you one example of how the Holy Spirit punched me right between the eyes.

I watch the news, I see the wars, death, suffering etc. I see the sick kids in Africa. I hear the stories of war in poor countries. Then I cry a few tears, maybe can't sleep, pray a prayer, fall asleep and go about eating a not so nutritous breakfast. Still maybe thinking about what I saw, heard or read, but not doing anything.

Platt says, "...logic that says, 'I can't do everything, so I won't do anything,' is straight from hell."

And boy is he right. But the awesome thing about this book? He backs up his words with The Word, every aspect of it. I can see in Scripture exactly where I am thinking wrong and doing wrong.

Friends, I shoot ya straight. Those that have read my blog for a while, those that know me, you know I tell you how it is. Well, I'm telling you, this book is a must read.

David Platt is the pastor at the Church at Brook Hills in Alabama. He has free podcasts on iTunes.

This book releases in May, so I highly recommend reserving your copy through Mardel. And side note, if you don't follow Mardel on twitter you should. Here is their twitter name @Mardel_Inc

You can go to the book's website, enter your email address and get the first chapter. Or her e is a link to Mardel's site that contains the first chapter.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Great Wolf Lodge Pictures

The day we were leaving, I decided I had better snap some pictures of our trip so I can remember that we did this. I only brought my camera to the pool area for a few minutes because I didn't want to risk a thief or the dreaded water damage.

I do wish I had more pictures, but I don't. Here are a few.

Mesmerized by the talking trees and animals during story time.

Mesmerized by the planes that landed every 30 seconds at DFW.

Had a blast, but her lips stayed purple the entire time.

Has no fear of water.

This thing dumps a bunch of water every few minutes.

Playing together!

All of us!
We had a wonderful time. The whole way home, Matt and I couldn't stop talking about it. We are ready to go again. Except next time, I think we'll hit KC. It's cheaper and hours closer.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Semi Update

I've kind of fallen off the blogging wagon. I was hoping all you people following me would buy a shirt. If I'm being really honest, the turnout for donations this year has been weak. I don't know if the newness of my diagnosis is wearing off, but I am far away from my goal.

Anyways, if you want a shirt, buy one, if you want to donate, please do.

Other than that, we have been kind of busy I guess.

We just returned from a trip to Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, TX.

I know everyone says, "It's so much fun." and I would think "Ya, whatev." But it really is a blast. I think when the kids are around 10, that place will be a total blast for all of us!

We met up with Matt's youngest brother and his family. Which was nice b/c we'd switch on watching each other's kids so us adults could play.

I recommend. But with these guidelines...

1) Go during the week. There are less people and you save a butt load of cash on your room.

2) With the exception of breakfast, EAT OFF GROUNDS! A medium pizza is $15.00 if that says anything.

3) If your children can't swim by themselves, go with someone so you can partake in the rides.

4) Go during the week.

5) Stay more than one night. We wanted to stay another night, but Friday nights are like highway robbery. The rooms almost double in price.

6) GO

7) Take more pictures than I did AND make sure if someone offers to take your picture as a family, they know how to work your camera. Or else you end up with this.

Blurry. *tear* This is the only picture of all 4 of us.
I'll post more Great Wolf pictures soon.