Sunday, May 27, 2012

Push-Up Popsicle Love

Colbie has tasted the goodness of the common Pop-Ice Popsicle but we have deprived them all of the common Push-Up Popsicle. That was until we had a family lunch at my Dad's. My Aunt brought dessert; ice cream and Push-Up Popsicles. Colbie was given her very own and she was very protective of it.

There is just something relaxing about a nice, cool popsicle. Makes you want to put your feet on the table and get messy.

So messy, in fact, it requires a bath....
a bath in the sink.

But bathing in the sink can be slightly embarrassing.

Friday, May 25, 2012

From PreK to K

Chloe is officially a Kindergartner. It feels as weird typing it as it does saying it. She has grown so much since August, in all aspects. Looking at this picture, I can really see how much Cooper has also grown. WOW! Her first year of 'real school' was a success. I believe God placed the perfect teacher in her life, Mrs. Brashear.

We held Chloe back a year because her birthday is in August so she was the oldest kid in her class. It's been fun seeing her learn and come home with a new song or some rhyme. I foresee reading happening this summer. She is so close and can read a little here and there but I bet she nails it this summer. 
(I'm aware the pictures side by side messed up the look of my blog, but I need to see the pictures side by side to truly grasp the growth of the kids.)

Colbie wasn't in the 'First Day of School' picture. She was too little to sit up alone and now she is walking and starting to talk. Crazy.

This is Chloe's teacher. She really took a liking to Cooper and Cooper really took a liking to her. On the last day, she asked Cooper if he wanted to go on the playground with the other kids. His face was priceless! He was in shock and so happy. When they came back in, he was line leader. It was so cute. He lead the class into the classroom and lined up to walk outside. It was a sweet moment to see. When I saw that, it sure did become more painful to move. It would be really great if Coop had Mrs. B as his teacher next year. He even knows the PE teacher! Like I've said before, everyone knows Cooper.

What a great school year for all of my kids. We were truly blessed with amazing teachers.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cooper the Graduate

Well, our Cooper Matthew is growing up and I'm not sure I like it. He does, he thinks it's great being 4 now. The first thing he tells people when he meets them is, "I'm four." When they say, "Oh, you are so big." He responds with, "Ya, I growed up so so big." As cute as it is when he says that, he's right, he has growed growed up so so big.  

He has been going to East Cross since he was right around 6 months old. It's like the 'Cheers' song, everyone knows Cooper's name. The boy is popular and leaves a mark on people and they can't forget who he is. His time at E.C. has come to a very sad end. He will be headed to Pre-K next fall. *sniff sniff* We have debated this decision on whether to send him or hold him back, but I think he needs to go. He's ready. 

I mean just look at him. 

This is Ms. Jo, Coop's teacher. This sweet lady taught Chloe and then she taught Cooper. I am so thankful for her heart and for loving on my kids. Unfortunately, this was her last year teaching at E.C. She is going to stay home and do more stuff for her church. Six years of changing kids lives.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Little T-Baller

 Chloe played in her first ever T-ball game on May 3, 2012. She did everything a T-ball should do.

 Wore her too big visor.

 Warmed up.
 Picked grass and watched the action on the field behind her.
Got on first. 

The coach gives them a jelly bean after they hit. 

Once Chloe stood on 2nd, another runner wanted her base and she didn't know what to do. I was yelling at her to run and luckily she went to 3rd. 

I didn't get a picture but Chloe got on 3rd, not this at bat, but later. The 3rd base coach had a habit of not paying attention to what needed attention ie, the kid on 3rd or 2nd. The coach, not pictured above, was talking to a kid in the batter's circle. The ball was hit, runners advanced, Chloe ran across the field, past the pitcher, to first base and asked for a jelly bean. :) ha!