Saturday, February 20, 2010

Star Student

When you become Star Student, you can wear what ever you want on Friday.

Chloe wore what ever she wanted.

After all, she is Star Student.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Worthy Cause?

In life, there are things worth a battle....
... and then she comes along wearing this,

and it's so not worth it. Plus, she fits right in at WalMart.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


.... the One,
...who gave me my Two,

... who gave me my Three's.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


...the Olympics.

When I watch "Rudy" I get emotional. There's something about that music that makes me feel I can conquer anything. It brings joy and happiness to my heart.

When I watch the Olympics I feel the same feeling. The music & cinematography/videography bring my heart to a place that only comes around every two years. The shots they get are amazing.

When they fly a camera over the mountains and skiers are floating on the snow. Oh it hurts hurts so good! NBC has a knack for doing this kind of great videography. They do it for golf too.

They show a man skating on a pond of ice, the sunset can only be of God, "Rudy" music playing and I cry.

I see the Americans walk with my flag and I cry.

I see an American win an event, they step on the podium, the Star Spangled Banner plays and I cry.

I cry not out of sadness, but out of joy out of pride.

I cry because instrumental music dubbed with good pictures does it.

I cry....

... because it's the Olympics.

Friday, February 12, 2010


....sappy commercials.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


... MUSIC.

If you were to enter my Dad's truck in the late 80's early 90's, the radio would be playing Pink Floyd, Queen or KMOD. If you enter my Dad's truck today you will hear Pink Floyd or KMOD.

Around 1994, I got a Walkman CD Player along with Phil Collin's CD 'Both Sides.' I put the CD in, laid on the floor and took a nap with the song 'Everyday' on repeat.

When you walked into my Keystone House, there was a bench. It was an old bench that held my Mom's Father's, American Flag from his funeral, still folded. There was also pictures of my parents as youngsters in love, a dress I wore as a baby, our baby shoes and a bunch of photo albums. One thing for sure I loved about that bench was it's smell. The purpose of the bench was to collect everything you were holding when you walked through the front door. So it was in charge of my Mom's purse, our backpacks, papers and sports equipment.

Anyways, I came home one day from school. I was probably in middle school. I noticed by my Mom's purse were two CD's. "Mom, what are these?" I asked. "Oh I saw those at the store. I think they are really popular songs." One of the cd's said, DC Talk "Jesus Freak."

I'm not sure how my Mom discovered this music. She was always listening to Carol King, Paul Simon, Nat King Cole and the soundtrack to Dirty Dancing, not the kind of music she had purchased. I can't remember the second CD.

Needless to say, I'm a sucker for good music, especially good harmony and choirs filled with African American folk. Whew! That's good stuff.

Friday, February 5, 2010


... Fishing.

If I were more of a 'redneck' I'd have a bumper sticker that says, "I'd rather be fishing." And yes, I'd put it on my mini. I actually think people would get a laugh out of seeing a mini support such a bumper sticker. Most would agree, they'd rather be doing the same, fishing that is.

As I wrote yesterday, we lived within a stones throw of Keystone Lake. My Dad had the bass boat, the fishing buddy, the fishing paraphernalia and the passion. Once, I got to go on the boat fishing with him. That only happened once to my recollection, but I remember the feeling, smells, the excitement of getting to fish on a real boat, on water with my Dad. It was a nice leap from fishing on grass with the plastic 'practice thingy' on the end of my Snoopie pole.

My Dad gave me the tour of the lake, "Way back there is where I find Arrowheads. There is where the river came through before they dammed the lake. They say that at the bottom of this cliff there is Indian writing. There is also Indian writing in the cave, but it is all hidden under the mud...." And on he went with various facts that I absorbed like a sponge, hoping that if I remembered it all, maybe he'd ask me to be his fishing buddy and dump the other ol' geezer known as Roscoe P. Dyer.

My Dad spent his afternoons and weekends in his 'shop.' Looking back I realize this 'shop' was equivalent to what we now call a 'man cave.' It harbored a dart board, lure making devices, hammers, nails, wood, electric saws and the lawn mower. It also was the location where I would go to smell. The shop had a wonderful smell to it. Dad said the smell was the cut grass from the mower, I disagree, I think it was the wood mixed with gasoline.

I'd go to the shop to hang out with him. Once he gave me a tackle box! Oh I was so excited. As a bonus, he threw in some lures. I'd sit on the step, nasty toothbrush in hand and clean my lures. Hours would be spent cleaning and arranging my very own tackle box. The cleaning wasn't to rid of the fishy grime, it was something fun to do. I don't remember fishing again.

When I met Matt, we'd go out to Arcadia and he'd fish while I took pictures. He asked, "You want to fish." I'd tell him the same thing, "No." Deep down I secretly wanted to, but it was all to traumatic.

When we moved to the ranch, Matt caught a huge Bass. It was then I realized, I could do better. So Matt bought me a pole, one with the button you have to hold down. It was similar to the Snoopie pole from my youth except it was longer. The mechanics were the same; childish.

As I graduated from beginner and began catching bigger fish, I needed a tougher pole. Matt bought me my first 'real' pole.

Years later, it is something we absolutely love to do. We could and have fished from 8pm to 8am. So much fun. Not sure we could do that now due to our age. I am 30 ya know.

But I have this guy to thank for being my best fishing buddy. He never complains when I ask him to grab me a minnow, help me tie my line OR most importantly, "Will you please take the catfish off the line," because he knows I won't touch a talking fish with whiskers.

Happy Fishing.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I LOVE....


I grew up in rural Green Country. Our house was on half an acre, more or less, we had neighbors across the field, the lake down the big hill and a general store within bike riding distance.

As far back as I can remember, we had a bird feeder just off the patio. The birds would flock to our house for a meal. In the winter times, the yard looked like a rainbow of colors with Bluejays, Red Birds, Finches, Robins and other winter birds.

If we were lucky, my Dad would let us refill the feeder. If we were really lucky, we'd get to put seed on the railroad ties.

There were many years in a row, that a Swallow built her nest under the carport. She raised her families, pooped on my Dad's beloved pickup and moved on.

Outside my sister's bedroom window was a Purple Martin house. When I'd spend the night in her room, we'd wake up to them singing. It was a glorious way to open your eyes. When I hear a Purple Martin, I have flashbacks. I miss that sound.

It was my Dad who taught me how to call in a Bobwhite. I still have that ability today.

It was my parents, who taught me 'never pick up a baby bird.' Yet, every time I found one, I picked it up. FYI, birds can't smell well enough to care about you touching it.
Once, a typical Oklahoma thunderstorm rolled through and with it came hail. After the storm passed, Dad and I went on our nightly post dinner walk. We found a Red Winged Black Bird dead on the road. It broke my heart and I'm pretty sure we buried it. I'm also pretty sure the burial was not for the bird but to prohibit our bird dog named Rusty from having Red Winged Black Bird for dinner.
We lived near Keystone Dam, which is prime real estate for Bald Eagles in the winter months. We'd take a drive to the dam, pass by the trashcan that Oscar the Grouch calls home. He's lived there since I was 5.

After my salutation to Oscar, we'd mosey down to the water, keeping ours eyes peeled for the then elusive Bald Eagle. They aren't as elusive today, so if you keep your eyes open you may spot one. I see them all over. A few years ago, I saw one nowhere near a body of water, eating road kill.

They may be pretty, but they to are scavengers.

Four years ago, I discovered a local website that has a camera on an eagle's nest. I got to see the babies first hatch, get fed, see the parents bring in fish, turtles ducks and rabbits. Here is the link. They are not nesting now and have not chosen their nesting site as of yet. But sometimes you will see them perched on the 'tower nest' bars. They raised a family in that nest last year. Very cool.

Have you ever seen a Red Tailed Hawk up close? They are huge! Matt and I count how many Red Tails we see between the house and Tulsa. Once we counted over 40!!
I heard if an Owl lives nearby, that it's a good sign of the areas ecosystem. About a year ago, I heard an owl outside our house. I was super excited. I ran to the door to try and locate it only to never hear it again. I guess he thought our area stinks.

When the 3 Baltimore's appeared on my Hummingbird feeder I almost had a coronary. I couldn't believe how lucky I was. Baltimore Orioles are not from Oklahoma! I guess the family of three was passing through after spending winter down South. They hung around for about 3 weeks, then vanished. They are orange, the picture makes them appear to be yellow. I think the red feeder throws off their coloring.
Late Spring of 09, I ordered some Butterfly Bushes off QVC. I have always wanted Butterfly Bushes, but never bought them due to their price. I scored a fabulous deal when I found these. By August, they were in full bloom and the butters were coming. I'm sure this Fall will show to be a more successful with more butters finding my house.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Love To Smell

A friend of mine, Jessica, just had a baby and blogging has obviously not been on the forefront of her mind. Wanting to blog more, but not sure what to blog about, she had an idea. Since February is the 'Month of Love,' she is going to write about things she loves.

I thought it a great idea! So I am going to join her. But mine, at times, will be things that may make no sense to you whatsoever. Other times, I will write about more heartfelt things, BUT until then....

Since I missed yesterday, I will list my Top 5 things I love.... TO SMELL. (hehe)

1) The smell of asphalt after rain. (Not winter time, asphalt does not smell then. It goes dormant.)

2) Coffee Grinds (Just be sure not to get to close when you smell them because they hurt your nose. That didn't happen, I just read that somewhere.)

3) Tire Stores (If getting new tires were cheap, I'd do it often.)

4) New Shoes (So I may look like I have a mental disorder when the kids, Matt or myself get new shoes. I put them right up to my nose and inhale. Oh it's a glorious smell.)

5) Leather Stores (I don't like leather, just its smell.)

Happy Smelling.

Monday, February 1, 2010


When I originally started this blog, it was for the soul purpose to vent, share stories, be funny and spread Jesus.

It is becoming ever so clear that there are people out there not in it for those reasons, as I have so clearly stated above in ENGLISH! I stated them in ENGLISH BECAUSE I SPEAK ENGLISH!

SOOOO, if you comment on my blog and you speak Japanese, Chinese, Cantanese, WingDings, Spanish, Mandarin or any other language beside ENGLISH!


This is becoming a problem!

If you can not type your cave writings in ENGLISH, LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

If you do not know what I am saying because you don't understand the words coming out of my mouth, then here. I'll make it easy for you!!
啻に 臼国 論調!!

UPDATE: If you begin getting some sort of 'ese' writing on your blog try to report them. I realized their comments are not comments at all but in fact links. Those links take you to sites that are beyond our margins as Christ followers. It is looking more like I am going to have to go private... I'll keep you posted. I am sorry for this, but I am having to block all anonymous commentors.. Sorry.
When life gives you snow...

.... spray paint on it.

A side note to parent's who might gawk that I may or may not let my child play with spray paint. "Mind ya business, just mind ya business." It's sidewalk chalk in a can, if you must know.