Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Here I am.

Where have I been? There's a couple of reasons as to my random disappearance. I'll bullet point them for you.

  • I kept getting random comments. For instance, one person was trying to get me to buy Mary Jane for my Multiple Sclerosis. I want to say this now! "I say NO to drugs" because my elementary teachers and parents taught me well.
  • I was getting "comments" informing me of the perks of stepping out on my hubby. Look, I love my hubby, but more importantly I love the Lord! Nuf said.
  • I was getting foreign commenter's leaving SPAM links to Asian porn! I had to wash my eyes out when I accidentally clicked on the foreign language, not realizing where in cyber space I was being lead.
  • People were trying to get me to go to their blogs. Here's the deal with that. I will read your blog if I know you or if I happen across yours. I do not read blogs because you ask me to. For instance with Twitter, just because you follow me, doesn't me I will follow you. I probably won't because I don't want to keep up with hundreds of people's thoughts. I only keep up with a few.
  • Some guy named Mike kept leaving a comment saying "Your blog has been recommended to us by another reader, we'd like to interview you." Ok Mike is it? I don't do interviews, especially when the only way to have to get a hold of me is by leaving a comment on my blog.
  • I was sick and tired of having to sift through the comments left and publish the ones I thought worthy.

The answer to these problems and more? I no longer allow comments, I took my Twitter roll off (sorry SIL), and I took a hiatus from blogging.

When I first began this blogging journey, it was for a release, for the world to hear my thoughts, for me to spread the Word. All that has become lost under the idiots dominating this blogger thing.

That being said.

Life in our house is super fantastic. I rearranged the computer to the marital room, so Coop could have his own personal space. Now maybe I'll write more since I won't be going into his room trying to type while he's napping.

There is also a little rearranging going on inside of me. I'm pregnant! Number three is expected December 4 or 5. We are really excited as this was an answered prayer by many friends and family.

Hope everyone is well!

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