Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Chapter Complete

When we found out we were pregnant with Chloe, we were surprised. When we found out we were pregnant with Cooper, we were surprised. When we found out we were pregnant with the third, we weren't surprised.

Before I got diagnosed with the MS, we knew we wanted more kids. Cooper was nine months old when my symptoms reared their ugly head.

When I got diagnosed, it never occurred to us that we would not have any more children. I knew that in prior pregnancies all the unexplained symptoms I was having would disappear without explanation. I always felt great while pregnant. It wasn't until later did I connect the dots.

When Colbie was born, the moment she came out, face up I might add, I realized all the tears, worries, jabs in the legs with a needle, MRI's, tingling, numbness... All that would get most people down and make them fearful, didn't phase us one bit. We knew adding a third person to this family was what we were supposed to do. So when I saw her and heard her for the first time, it was like a chapter in this book had been finished. And my oh my was it a looong chapter, but one that needed to be written, one that was the turning point of the whole book. Without that tumultuous chapter the rest of the book wouldn't be as good.

So many things came to pass at 4:10 am on November 26. I felt, and still feel, like we had stuck it in the devil's eye and glorified God that day. We obeyed His command, we didn't give in to the fears, we did what we had to do and lookie what we got.

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