Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Love To Smell

A friend of mine, Jessica, just had a baby and blogging has obviously not been on the forefront of her mind. Wanting to blog more, but not sure what to blog about, she had an idea. Since February is the 'Month of Love,' she is going to write about things she loves.

I thought it a great idea! So I am going to join her. But mine, at times, will be things that may make no sense to you whatsoever. Other times, I will write about more heartfelt things, BUT until then....

Since I missed yesterday, I will list my Top 5 things I love.... TO SMELL. (hehe)

1) The smell of asphalt after rain. (Not winter time, asphalt does not smell then. It goes dormant.)

2) Coffee Grinds (Just be sure not to get to close when you smell them because they hurt your nose. That didn't happen, I just read that somewhere.)

3) Tire Stores (If getting new tires were cheap, I'd do it often.)

4) New Shoes (So I may look like I have a mental disorder when the kids, Matt or myself get new shoes. I put them right up to my nose and inhale. Oh it's a glorious smell.)

5) Leather Stores (I don't like leather, just its smell.)

Happy Smelling.

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