Saturday, February 13, 2010


...the Olympics.

When I watch "Rudy" I get emotional. There's something about that music that makes me feel I can conquer anything. It brings joy and happiness to my heart.

When I watch the Olympics I feel the same feeling. The music & cinematography/videography bring my heart to a place that only comes around every two years. The shots they get are amazing.

When they fly a camera over the mountains and skiers are floating on the snow. Oh it hurts hurts so good! NBC has a knack for doing this kind of great videography. They do it for golf too.

They show a man skating on a pond of ice, the sunset can only be of God, "Rudy" music playing and I cry.

I see the Americans walk with my flag and I cry.

I see an American win an event, they step on the podium, the Star Spangled Banner plays and I cry.

I cry not out of sadness, but out of joy out of pride.

I cry because instrumental music dubbed with good pictures does it.

I cry....

... because it's the Olympics.

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