Thursday, September 1, 2011

First Day of School

This post is two weeks overdue, but at least I'm finally getting to it. It happened. The day came. Our first child went to school. Like real school with cafeterias, gym class, more than 12 kids to a room, more germs than the floor of Walmart, a principal and the lady who answers the phones who has been there since the beginning of public schools but after the slapping on the hand with the yard stick, about the time bathrooms got moved indoors.

The morning started with the whole family going to a local restaurant to get breakfast. After we devoured or food, we came back home to grab the new backpack and lunchbox. Then we headed over to the school with the masses of other misty-eyed fathers.We walked into the school, me trailing behind trying to get some good pictures of misty-eyed father and nervously excited daughter. 

Before we left for the school I took these. I got some of all three kids but I enjoy the progression of these photos.... (keep your eye on Cooper)

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