Monday, July 30, 2012

Bank of America Blows

Life is crazy, yes?

We have been in the process of buying a house since March 15 of this year. That was the day we made our offer.

We have been waiting ever since.

The house we bid on was/is a short sale with Bank Of America. *doom doom dooooooom*

Yes, it is as awful as people say it is, the 'buying' process of a short sale with BOA, that is.

Weeks will go by and we will hear nothing. Then we will hear something, BUT it has nothing to do with us becoming any closer to buying a house. Matt signed papers the other day. Those papers asked if we worked for BOA or had a family member that worked for BOA, both of which we don't. BUT I think that is something that should have been asked on Day 1! We were at least 2 months into the waiting process and got a letter saying "the house is eligable for short sale." HUH? It took you fools two months to say that?!

Then we get an email in which BOA states their terms and what they will agree to. "Tell us where to sign!" We cheer. Then we find out it was papers that had nothing to do with actually buying this home. It all has made absolutely no sense what so ever. I try to explain it to people and they look at me with this bewildered face...... You know why? Because common sense says, "that doesn't make sense." I know. We have come to realize Bank of America opperates minus common sense hence the reason they are in the boat they are in and the rest of us are not; boat with holes with people in it that can't and won't take charge AND don't know what a boat is.

When we put a bid in on March 15, I thought surely we'd be in our new house by July. Boy, was I wrong. I really didn't want to spend another summer here in The Ville, but we did. I was hoping to have things situated and semi organized for the arrival of C4. Boy, was I wrong again.

Realtor called this morning. He had zero news, of course. He said, "BOA has a deadline to close on Aug. 17." We have heard this all before, "they have a deadline for this or that." That time comes and goes and we are no better off than prior to this imaginary deadline.

Our fear is waiting until this 'deadline' and then they extend it which will most likely happen. These people are some of the dumbest I have ever encountered.

We haven't even had an inspection yet because we can't get the proper paperwork.

Sooo this leads in to another post......

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