Monday, August 20, 2012

First Day of School 2012-2013

Chloe Joy is now a Kindergardener! What?!
She still loves dresses and would wear one every single day along with her flip flops every single day if allowed. She is not allowed to wear that combo on PE days; school rules. She loves school.
Before heading to the school. One shot of Dad with his two oldest.
Cooper is a Pre-Ker! He got Chloe's teacher from last year and you do not even know how happy that made me. She is perfect for Coop and I know she will be able to teach him in the way he will learn and understand. He still loves his Superheroes and his closet consists of nothing else. After three days of school, I could already tell a big difference in him. He literally grew up in what seemed like overnight.

The whole crew. I am 37 weeks large.

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