Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Stop Taking Plexus

When I don't work out for more than two or three days in a row, my attitude changes. I don't show the kids as much grace and I feel just blah. It definitely has helped me be a better mom.

I've been taking Plexus products for just over a year. Same with working out, it took my body a few months to acclimate. Not wanting a nap before I got out of bed, not angry texting Matt, "Why didn't you make coffee?!" Not sending him to the store at 9:00pm because I need something sweet, going to the bathroom regularly (Which is possibly tmi, unless you don't go regularly then you know what I mean.) Having the energy to be the wife and mom I aim to be & constantly failing but being able to try again because I am not exhausted. I can generally have coherent thoughts. Now I do have four kids so sometimes no matter what I do, my thoughts fail me.

Now in one of those incoherent moments, I neglected to see how much of my products I had left. I ordered on a holiday weekend and shipping took longer than normal, so I was out of  products for right at a week! Seven days. Seven. Seven. Seven. seven. (Only the cool people with get that joke.)

I always wondered what happened if I didn't take my products and now I know and it wasn't fun.

Day 1: I was ok. I was feeling still 'normal.' I equate it to the day after working out. You still feel good from yesterday.
Day 2: I noticed my guts weren't operating like they usually do. I was a bit more tired.
Day 3: Pretty sure I napped which some days I do take a nap but this day I had to have it.
Day 4: Lots of coffee. Need to poop. Nothing is working. Ate a cupcake.
Day 5: More coffee. Feeling sluggish. Feeling bloated. zzzzzzz  Went back to the bakery for another cupcake.
Day 6: My body was not awake for my workout and my guts were killing me.
Day 7: My stomach hurt so bad that I sent an SOS out of Facebook asking for a few products to get me to the next day as I predicted the mailman to bring my stash.

Each day pretty much snowballed from the day before, so if day 2 I needed a nap. I also needed a nap Day 3 and on.

Some might say, "Gosh I don't want to feel like that if I quit so I just will not ever start." Here is the deal, most likely the great things Plexus helps with are things you either noticed were bothering you or you didn't notice were issues until you began feeling better. I knew the fatigue was an issue, I mean I have MS for crying out loud, it comes with its own bag of issues and for me that is the biggie. Not going to the bathroom for multiple days was a pre-Plexus struggle. I blame the MS. The bloated feeling was something I thought I might struggle with pre-Plexus but wasn't sure. Once I began Plexus, the bloat was gone. I love baked goods but I rarely eat them bc i'm not good at channeling my inner Kenny Rogers and I don't know when to walk away or when to run.

I felt myself feeling like I did in December 2013 and I didn't like it. If you thought I was looking pregnant, you suck and it was purely my lack of product!

So here is my challenge...  Think I'm full of it (and for 7 days I was) & Plexus is a whacko idea and doesn't work? Stop taking your products for a week. All of them. Then get back with me. I promise I won't say, "I told you so."

*I take one Slim every morning as I am driving the kids to school. Plus 2 X-factor, 1-2 nerve health support, 1-2 fast relief. (I also supplement with (1) 1,000IU Vitamin D) At bed time 2-3 Probio 5 and 3 Biocleanse.
**As always, I don't proofread before I hit "publish" and I am still getting the numbness is my right arm and leg which means my arm types like a drunk sometimes.*

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