Thursday, September 10, 2009

BBQ Sauce

I knew a guy in college who hated any food that was white. Now there are a few foods that fall into that category, for example mayo, he wouldn't touch. Another white food is ranch dressing. I always thought him to be weird, but this confirmed my beliefs of his weirdness, until Cooper was born.

Recently I have decided I no longer like Ranch dressing, plus it isn't that good for you.

But most people think all foods are better with ranch. I beg to differ. I would argue most everything is better with BBQ sauce!

Let me enlighten you...

Pizza, potatoes(grilled or baked), chicken(grilled, baked, nugget-ized, stripped & kabob'd), hamburgers or beef in general, okra and the obvious choice; french fries.

Now BBQ sauce is like a good tube of chap stick, everyone has their first choice.

But I recently gave Country Bob's a try and I was surprised; it was pretty good.

Matt makes the hamburger patties around our house because I don't like to touch meat. He put Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce in the meat prior to grilling and the patties tasted much better. We also bought one of those rotisserie chickens from Wal-Mart, baked two potatoes and used CB's as our dipping sauce. Pretty tasty.

Anyways, go to the store and try something new. You can go to their website here and get a coupon for a free bottle to try!

A company who says 'Christ is our CEO' is a company I will support.


  1. You need to try Elmer's BBQ sauce. not available at stores but you can get some at their BBQ rest. either off of Lewis or Peoria...Casey loves it and he eats BBQ with everything too!

  2. I wonder if Texas has country Bob's??? They do not have Head Country, which when I found out I thought I was going to cry!! Now BBQ and ranch mixed together is something to smile about! Try the dynamite chicken salad at Ribcrib with the BBQ ranch--mmmmmmmm!

  3. Ok, So I know I am a little late on this one, but I just started reading your blog and had to go back to the beginning...anywho, my grandpa used to make "Howard Bugers" as he called them. He took raw hamburger and seasoned it with whatever was handy (salt, pepper, garlic salt..whatever you like) and make patties out of it..places the RAW patties on a piece of foil. They he covered them with BBQ sauce and then placed a slice of raw onion on top, wrap it all up in the foil and then toss them on the grill or on the racks in the oven...they are aaaahhhhhmazing :)


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