Sunday, September 13, 2009

Slide Safety

Matt takes the kids to the park 98.9% of the time. When he does, he goes down the slide with Cooper or Chloe on his lap and sometimes with both on his lap. Kids love it, Matt loves it, everyone has a grand ol' time....

.... A few weeks ago, I either read a story or heard a story, I can't remember. The gist was a warning for parents.

A dad was going down a slide with his child in his lap. The child's shoe stuck to the side of the slide and the force of the dad behind the child caused the child's leg to break.

That makes total sense. It was something neither Matt nor myself had ever thought of. BUT rubber and those slides are not friends, there is a lot of friction. (bad joke)

Last night, I received an email from a friend. She told me her 21 month old son broke his leg while sliding with his brother.

It was the same scenario I had read about! Shoe versus slide and someone sliding behind the child.

My friend has two little boys, ages 3 and 21 months and is expecting her third in a month!

I know this is something we no longer do at the park. If Matt goes down the slide with the kids he holds their legs.

Just thought I would share because I'm sure siblings or parents going down slides with the kids is a common occurrence like it was with us....

... remember 'Safety First.'


  1. I had never thought of that one! Thanks for sharing the wisdom :)

  2. That very thing happened to my cousin's 20 month old. She was riding with her Grandmas and her foot got stuck and it broke her leg. She's been in a cast now for about 6 weeks. We never ride with Briley, we've always just put her up there and held her hand to help her she does it on her own but you get the picture.


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