Friday, September 25, 2009

Walk With Megan

I signed up to participate in the Walk MS event in Edmond on October 11.

I asked many people to donate or join my team and the response has been overwhelming. I knew I had friends, but I didn't realize how much you sweet people really cared about me.

My initial goal was $300. That was met within a few weeks.

So I upped the goal to $500. That was met within a few weeks.

So now I am trying to recruit people to join my team; Megan's Mates. When you join my team, you will get your own page you can send to people and ask them to support you! You will be surprised at how many people know someone who has MS.

If you can't make the walk, then donate to my team.

Click on the logo to either donate OR join my team.

Together we can make MS walk the plank! Arrrgg.

(I can't take credit for that clever saying. My friend Kristin H. thought of it.)


  1. I finally got signed up! they must have changed things recently, it was a lot easier this time. I posted a link to your site on facebook to see if people would join us. Love ya girl

  2. Congratulations and good luck! Been absent for a while, things have gone a little crazy/emotional lately.


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