Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Letter

(Chloe December 2006. She was 4m)

(Below is the letter that accompanied our Christmas Card this year. If you did not get one, it is probably because you live within a few miles of me. I figure you really didn't care to get a card from us. Oh who am I kidding, like everything in this world, it all boils down to cost cutting. I was saving 44c AND most of you Bartians see me at least once a month AND you read my blog or at least you should.)

Whew! What a year 2009 has been. I hope this letter finds you doing well.

The Knox family still consists of a Mom, a Dad, a Chloe & a Cooper. There is nothing baking and we have not adopted any animals. There was a close call with a kitten that literally showed up on our back porch. It might have made it into the house when Matt was at work, but it only took 2 bowel movements in my tub before I quickly realized ‘feed the hungry’ doesn’t necessarily apply to feline. No worries though, I found it a good home.

Matt is still with Fastenal. He loves his job and doesn’t love the economy, as I’m sure most of you would agree. As I write this, he still hasn’t put his deer stand in a remote area of the woods, but is planning a trip in a few days. I am praying for success, he deserves it.

Chloe is still too cute. Her ability to melt our hearts is very strong and well developed. When we put her to bed, she proceeds to come into the living room approximately 5-8 times telling us, “Mom &/or Dad, I want to hug you like a zebra.” or “Mom &/or Dad, I want to hug you like a leopard.” She proceeds through all of the animals in Polar Bear, Polar Bear What Do You Hear by Eric Carle. It is extremely cute and extremely powerful at pulling our heart strings. We realize in about 10-12 years she will not be so eager to hug us, so we are soaking it in.

Now for Cooper, many people with boys often say about their sons, “He’s all boy.” I always thought that to be an odd statement because what else would they be. But I have realized Cooper is all boy, what ever that means. We recently visited the fire station. He had the opportunity to sit in the driver’s seat and if it were up to him, he’d still be sitting there. Matt calls him a tub of butter; squishy and soft. I’m pretty sure he weighs more than his sister. It won’t be long before he realizes he can take her and that will be a good time for all.

Now to the author of this letter, as most, if not all, of you know I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in Aug. of this year. I’m on medicine that I inject daily. As long as I keep my core temperature down, I’m usually fine. Through it all, I can say this; I have felt closer to God these past four months than I have all of my Christian life. Prior to my diagnosis, I was attempting to strengthen my relationship with Christ, but always seemed to get lost along the way. On August 4th, I felt blessed and loved by Christ more than ever. I quit worrying about silly things because I quickly realized how fragile my life and life in general is. “Our life is but a mist.” So while I’m misting around, I want to get people wet. I fail daily, but am learning to listen to the Holy Spirit.

I participated in my first Walk MS event in October; my goal was $500 and raised over $1,200! Most of you receiving this letter contributed to that phenomenal amount and again I thank you. I will be doing another event in 2010 so be on the lookout for an email encouraging you to either join my team Megan’s Mates or donate. I am truly blessed with great friends and family. I realize that now more than ever.

Have a Merry Christmas!

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  1. Great letter- at least you have one- ours may or may not be coming. I have not quite decided yet!

    Miss you friend- Avery is waiting for you to hold her.


For Christ's love compels us, because we are convinced that one died for all, and therefore all died. -Corinthians 5:14