Monday, June 21, 2010

As of Today

I'm 16 weeks already! I am now carrying a turnip.

What's it like carrying a turnip? Gassy and slightly bloating at times, but overall a pleasant experience unless you are sitting next to me. No one notices because Cooper's carrying something in him and he has the same problem as I.

I've not been doing much lately. In case you forgot, I have MS. With that, I avoid the heat like H1N1 and I stay indoors. I only come out at night to deweed my flower bed and water my butterfly bushes. I have been begging God to let it rain everyday until September. I think he's ignoring me.

Chloe has decided it's a 'gweat idea' to wake me up in the wee hours of the morning, "Mom, will you cover me up?" I guess she has forgotten how to do that herself. Lucky for her, I oblige because I always have to pee.

Cooper is still Cooper. That little boy, oh my. He had me at "PUSH! Congrat's it's a boy!" I've been like putty in his hands ever since. If he continues to avoid attempting to learn how to use the toilet we are going to have issues. I tell Matt all the time, "Unless you want a son who only pees while sitting when he's still 20, you HAVE to let him see you use the bathroom every once in a while." Matt's response to this. "Megan, he gets right in front of me and begins pointing and making noises like he's asking a question, all the while tilting his head ever so slightly to the left. It makes me uncomfortable." To this I say, "Fine, he'll be a squatter."

Now for the third child that will enter the Knox house in December. I often wonder where this little person is going to sleep after it leaves our room around 6 weeks of age. When Matt was a baby, I'm pretty sure he slept in a dresser drawer. I need to verify that with my MIL, but it is a possibility. Do you think DHS will be ok with that? What if I remove the drawer from the dresser and put a bumper on it?

Now for Matt and I. I keep telling that boy, "You want to make me happy? Take me out on a date." I've been giving him wonderful ideas. For instance, I gave two restaurants; Zio's and Thai food. Then I mentioned some activities, movies (We haven't been to a theatre in 6 years. Too much $$$ for us cheap-o's.) I can't remember if I mentioned anything else. OHH I might have said, we could go shopping for me some prego clothes. That always makes a girl feel special. You know, there's nothing like buying clothes to fit a fat woman. Ahh good times. I always leave the maternity store with a smile. (hahahaha, not)

So that's that.

Anyone really frustrated you can't comment?

I did that on purpose... ask a question you can't answer. (enter evil laugh)

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