Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cooper Matthew

Cooper Matthew is 4!!

-Love Language is touch and words.
-Very passionate about everything!
-Loves Superheroes, Thomas, firetrucks, bugs and junk food.
-Is content doing nothing, but if given the opportunity will play until he crashes.
-When asked what he wants to be when he grows up, with out fail he says, "I want to be a Dad like my Daddy."
-Has learned at school this year; How to write his name, recognize his colors, count to 20 almost perfectly, and other things they do in a 3 year old class.
-Loves his sisters very much. When Colbie beats on him, he just sits there. Very easy going.
-Is starting to be able to remember Bible stories and can retell them.
-Favorite song is Building 429 "Where I Belong" He says it is his special song.
-Loves people.
-Now that he is 4, he tells people, "I growed and growed so much!" 
-Has the sweetest heart and wears that on his sleeve.
-Will grow to be a great Man of God, father, grandfather and Man.

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