Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Great Wolf 2012

A few months before Cooper's birthday, I asked him if he wanted a party or to go to Big Wolf Lodge, as he calls it. Without hesitation, he opted for Big Wolf Lodge. I was happy to oblige as we do not have the room nor do I have the time to plan and host a party. Great Wolf it is!! The plan was to leave on Wednesday, April 4 and come home Friday.
 Outside the ice cream and candy shop.

 Notice Chloe is wearing a yellow bracelet and Coop a red. Those determine what slides you can go on. Chloe is tall enough for 'big' slides as long as Matt rides with her. Coop finally noticed he wasn't getting yellow bracelets and lost his mind. When he knew Matt was riding with Chloe it broke his heart. haha On the last day, he asked the 'bearer of bracelets,' "Can I please have a yellow?" They denied him. If they let him measure in his Crocs, he was tall enough, but take of the shoes and the boy is in red territory. Next time, he'll be all over the yellow slides! :)

 Although this picture doesn't show it, Colbie had a blast. When we were here in December, she hadn't mastered walking yet which limited her playing. The zero entry/kiddie pool thing has a small ledge around on the perimeter. She would spend the whole time stepping up then stepping down, over and over. When we would open the door to our room, Colbie would try and sneak out and if she succeeded in slipping out, she made a break for it. She wanted to play!
 The last night, we opted for dinner at Rainforest Cafe. The service was poor, food was overpriced and the decor was lame BUT my kids loved it. I guess that's what matters.

 I always wait to take the group pictures on the last day. Eventually I will learn this is a bad idea.
 I didn't take this picture which possibly explains the blurriness.
 As we were walking out the door to leave, this guy was spotted by Cooper and he went nuts. NUTS!! Coop calls him Wolfie, his name is actually Wiley. The reason Coop went momentarily insane dates back to Christmas. When we were here in December, the kids got to 'build a Great Wolf animal.' Cooper built Wiley and he loves that thing. So when the 'real life' Wolfie appeared it was as if his stuffed creature came to life. It was a sweet moment.
 Chloe is holding her squirrel, I can't remember its name, that she made on the previous trip.
The kids happily posed and as we were walking away, Chloe says, "He's not real, Cooper, it's just a person in a costume." Great Chloe, thanks. Luckily, Coop was still in Wiley land and didn't hear her. 

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  1. How much does it cost to go the Lodge? I'd really like to take the kids.


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