Monday, June 11, 2012

Warrior Dash 2012

Three point two miles, 8-10 obstacles, mud, thousands of crazy people, more mud, fire, barbed wire and a great time. That is part of the Warrior Dash way.

Matt and I ran it last year and I had the time of my life. It was more than a race for me. (Symbols)

Being as how I am big and round, I had to sit out this year. Matt ran with his sister and a friend/co-worker, Tanner. I was very jealous BUT it was a fun experience getting to see him run. The best part? I was able to take pictures that are free! I don't have to buy them from WD people.

Colbie and I set up camp at the last obstacle.
The cargo net and the 'jump over fire' were the obstacles leading up to the mud pit covered in barbed wire. The fire wasn't as big this year as it was last year. Kind of disappointing.
Closer look at the pit.
I put pictures of Tanner on here because I got some really good ones.
This is one of my favorites I took. He looks angry, probably because he's drinking mud.
Matt's turn to swim!
He said it was a lot deeper than he had expected. Right before he came through, the WD Staff People had a Bobcat and was adding dirt to the pit.
Blah! But a fun Blah!
Almost there.
And like a good big brother, he turns to wait on his sister.
She's truckin' through.
Proud! As she should be, she had a great time and a great ranking.
Love him.
They did it!! Tanner and Amy have officially become Warrior Dash pro's!
Brother and Sister.
Next up for these two (and Tanner) is Conquer the Gauntlet. They are insane; four miles plus 30 obstacles in August. Whew!! BUT they've got it handled. :)

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