Thursday, October 18, 2012


I am well aware of the popularity of the name Caleb, or Kaleb, but let me tell you why it's popular to us.

Matt and I worked at a boy's ranch many years ago. We lived with and 'parented' 6 boys that came from rough homes. We took care of them like you would your birth children. We loved these boys. There was one little boy around 6-7 years and he accepted Christ at our church,, and then got baptized at Life Stock at Frontier City. (Back in the day, the church had a big shindig at the amusement park. The bands played and tons of people that had accepted Christ could get baptized in front of everyone. It's an amazing thing to see. Those big inflatable swimming pools are filled and people get dunked!) Matt had the wonderful opportunity to baptize this young man. I'll never forget his face when he rose up from the water... Such a happy memory for us.

His name was Caleb.


There isn't a definitive meaning of the name Janzen, that I could find.

 Love, Fruity Pebbles, Christ, Muskogee, Braves baseball, history, electric company, laughs, food, German, big hugs... the list could go on and on and on. These are a few of the words that help define this name for Matt and I. His list is probably enless as it's 38 years long. My list is 9 years long.

This name brings great stories and thoughts of Heaven.

Janzen is the last name of Matt's grandparents. (Read the family history here.)

I am Caleb Janzen.

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