Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sad Heart

My heart has been sad.

I've been asked about foster care a few times lately. It has been one year since we had our first placement.

I miss him a lot.

His birthday is coming up. That makes me sad.

The kids listened to "Radioactive" on repeat a few days ago and it made me sad. It was his favorite song.

I found myself praying this morning that he would come back then I felt terrible for praying that. My heart was genuine in that I worry about him. I want him to grow up and know how to read and feel special because he is. I want him to break the cycle. Odds are stacked against him though.

So yeah, my family misses him. I have no doubt that if he walked in our door tonight that my kids would be all over him. His room is painted in a color we let him pick out.

Saying goodbye is hard and worth it.... I guess it is the not knowing if they are safe that hurts the heart so much.

Anyways, we are still working on paperwork. I'm slow. We are trying to figure out which age group to take. Such a hard decision. It might be perfectly clear and I'm plugging my ears saying, "lalalalala i can't hear you..." haha

We live in a fallen world friends. A world full of evil, pain and sadness.

"But take heart. I have overcome the world." -Jesus.

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