Sunday, November 23, 2008

Come & Get It!!!

I love P. F. Chang's.

When I don't want to spend as much money, I love Pei Wei or Pee Wee as Matt calls it.

We don't visit either establishment very often. Eating out isn't as much fun when you have to take the kiddos. We'd much rather get something to do, bring it home and eat at the table, where Cooper can crawl on the floor and Chloe can be crazy.

Saturday I attempted to put together my grocery list. I tell Matt, "Putting the grocery list together wears me out as much as the shopping."

I use Kraft's website to get a lot of ideas for dinners AND they have this snazzy feature where you can create a shopping list. It's very very nice; I recommend.

Anywho, I was thinking about what sounded good. Nothing.

Then I thought, "If I could eat out right now.. what would I choose?"

I'd choose Thai food, but that didn't count.

Got it!! I'd choose lettuce wraps from Chang's!!

I typed 'how do you make p. f. chang's lettuce wraps' in google search. BINGO!! I found the recipe. I printed it off and headed for the store.

I was a little nervous b/c it called for a lot of ingredients, but I was optimistic. (I did buy a frozen pizza as a back up meal in case the wraps went south.)

Tonight was the night to try my hand at the wraps.

How do you think I did? If you're a 'cup half full' kind of gal, then you think I did good. If you're a 'cup half empty' kind of gal, then you think I had pizza for dinner.

Well, my friends. I tamed the beast. I am capable of making P.F. Chang's wraps!!! They are very yummy and easy.

I don't like to dirty dishes when I cook, so I base my dinners on how dirty the kitchen will be when I'm done. If it will require a lot of clean-up; I won't cook it. If it is just a few items; I'll attempt it.

This recipe looked hard, but it was shockingly easy. Try it!!

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  1. Yummy! I'm definitely going to have to try that...our days of eating out are coming to a screeching halt, too. I found a recipe a little while back for Spicy Romano Chicken, which is our favorite recipe from Johnny Carino's. Haven't attempted it yet, but we probably will in the next couple of weeks. After that, I'll have to give the wraps a shot.

    Oh, and we both call it Pee Wee, too! And so do some friends of ours! I guess it's spreading. :-)


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