Friday, November 28, 2008

How Do You Cook?

When you go into your kitchen to start your dinner, do you make sure your decor matches your outfit? Do you insist that your valance matches your shirt and that your shirt matches the decorations on your counter and that your shirt, valance, decorations all match your place settings?



With our newly added cable channels, I have discovered the already discovered Food Network. I'm a huge fan of Charm City Cakes, but that is not why I am here.

I am here because of a show I saw recently.

It was so peculiar that I knew it had to be fake, a hoax or a commercial for something else.

It wasn't. I saw a real woman that looked like a robot! I kid you not people!

The show I saw, had a woman wearing a crossword puzzle apron, a crossword puzzle valance, a crossword puzzle table and I'm sure her under ware was a crossword puzzle.

Who am I talking about?

Sandra Lee. No not the lady from Grease. The lady on Food Network. If I watch her I don't hear a single word coming out of her mouth. I begin dissecting every single thing that matches, almost like the 'Can You Find It' puzzles in kids magazines.

I asked Matt, "Would you prefer I match the decor with my outfit while I'm cooking?"
"Ya, there's this lady on Food Network that matches her outfit with her kitchen. Do you need me to do that, so your food will taste better?"
"Uhh, nooo"

I know he was thinking, "Is nakedness an option?" It wasn't though.

So if you're feeling guilty about not being matchy matchy, well you should feel guilty b/c Lord knows that's what makes dinner a dinner.

Now does anybody find Charm City Cakes one of the funniest shows? How about L.A. Ink? She makes me want to get a tattoo; for real.


  1. oh... i cant stand that show. ok. so maybe i watch it once in a while when i need to laugh.

    and have you noticed that she makes an alcoholic beverage every . single . show .

    even the show she did for a little girls slumber party.

  2. I love watching Ace of Cakes, the one on the other night with the spinning head was just freaky. I wish I could decorate a cake like they do, I could run my own business out of my house. Now that's an idea, might have to look into that.

  3. ugh, I never really liked her! Funny!


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