Monday, October 5, 2009

A Flowergirl & a Cool Wedding

This weekend, my cousin Annie, got married! She asked the children of her cousins, which would be my sister and I, to be flower girls. The wedding took place at Woodland Park Vineyards in Stillwater. Such a beautiful place.

It was an outdoor wedding, with a modern country flare. Not sure what Annie would call it, but that's how I describe it. Tables were set up in part of the vineyard. Old watering cans & buckets held sunflowers and other native things that you would find in the area.

There were four tables that held food. There are only three visible here though. Far left, was fried chicken, potato salad, rolls etc. We ate with wooden forks, spoons and knives. The second from the left table, had dessert items. The table second from right, had pies, cupcakes, cookies, gumdrops, licorice etc. You were to grab a popcorn bag, and fill it up with goodies.
The table that is not visible had sangria, which everyone said was tasty, I did not partake. But the best part? They had bottles of soda from POPS which is in Arcadia, Oklahoma. Matt and I are SO going there. I tried a mint soda, vanilla creme, Rootbeer and a pineapple. So tasty. On the trees were pictures my aunt took of the couple.

The flower girls reminded me of little sunflowers. Annie made their tutu's.

There was also a photo booth with props that people could take their picture and leave a tip for the couple. Brilliant idea really.

We had to walk from the reception site to the wedding site. This chair sits alongside a pond.

Chloe ran down the isle and didn't spill a single petal. Once she got to the end, she began doing her job.

She sprinkled them all up front.

Coop didn't have as much fun as everyone else. He was grumpy. That could have been because he woke up at 5:46am saying, "Dada, Dada, Momma, Momma, Dada...." And on and on until Matt finally gave in around 8:00am, which was about the time Chloe began playing with him. Oh, we were in a hotel room which is why he kept repeating our names; he could see us. Matt and I decided we are going back to Stillwater to stay at The Atherton, without children. It was a nice hotel on the campus of OSU.

Coop did stop whining for a brief moment to take a picture with me. But he had to headbutt me first. Which felt real nice.

But at the end of the day, they did it!
If I hadn't been chasing Chloe all day I would have more pictures of the cool things they had in the wedding.


  1. Sounds like fun, she looks so cute!

  2. That seemed like a neat wedding. The girls looked really cute

  3. How fun! I can't believe how big your nieces have cute as always!


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