Monday, March 8, 2010

Coming of Age

The kids are coming into an age where they are fun to do things with. Not that they were boring before, but you know the stage of pack baby food, pack millions of diapers, pack 10 outfits for one afternoon, pack yourself a backup outfit in case you become a target of bodily warfare, pack formula or a pump, pack more diapers, pack bottles..
You may know that stage.

Well, we are slowly climbing out of it. We can leave half a million diapers at home, bring one outfit for the boy, I no longer need a backup, leave formula and/or pump, leave diapers and baby food.

It's a glorious time.

I decided we needed to start doing fun things together instead of counting down the time until nap. So last weekend we went bowling.

We roll into the alley and I am super stoked. "We are going to have so much fun." I say to Matt.

Enter turn of events.

Cooper begins yelling, "BALLLLSSSS, BAALLLLLSS," and disappears amongst them. To an almost two year old, the bowling alley is 'ball' heaven; 6-10 pound balls, but in his eyes-balls nonetheless.

"Chloe, do you want to wear these really cool bowling shoes?" I ask, knowing prying her pink wedding shoes off her feet would cause a war. (The pink wedding shoes are the same style as the brown ones she wore in my cousin's wedding, only they are pink. Hence, 'pink wedding shoes.') Chloe refuses to wear the shoes.

We grab a few 'balls' and the thingy that helps kids bowl and start bowling.

Coop goes first. Matt teaches him how to push the ball down the thingy and he does it! It's awesome. I cheer, Matt cheers, I run after Chloe and Matt runs down the lane after Cooper. The dude made a mad dash after his ball!

Then Chloe goes. She pushes it and says, "Done." She wanted nothing more to do with it.

Matt and I take our turn.

Cooper chases Matt's ball. Matt chases Cooper.

Finally, we learned to stay near Coop and he began to catch on.

He began using his head.

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  1. Tooo fun!!! Bowling shoes are kinda gross, I'm there with Chloe :) I'd totally rather wear pink wedding shoes to bowl in. :) Just put some extra traction on the bottom Mom ! (wink)


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