Monday, September 13, 2010

Car Spotting

Chloe is very observant, as most kids are I guess. But it's the things she observes and remembers that is so amazing to me.

Chloe can recall things from when she was two. I find that fascinating. The littlest things, she remembers.

But it's the things she observes that got me thinking and paralleling. I like to parallel things into a good blog post.

Driving around town, Chloe always talks about how cute cars are. I notice a car's cuteness, like how stunning the Bumblebee Chevy Camaro is that resides in my town. Or the automatic door closing minivans I see in the school parking lot.

Chloe notices cars to, but not like I do.

She notices cars sitting in lots waiting to be fixed. She notices the color of the car, not the fact that it is missing a bumper, mirrors and the whole left side is rusty. She notices cars that I find yucky. She sees them and as she says, "So cute, Mom."

I realized something during one of these car spotting moments.

Chloe notices the cars I never see. And I notice the cars she never sees.

How does that equate to my Christian walk?

Do I overlook the people that are missing a bumper. Do I overlook the people who are rusty. Do I overlook the people who have a few dents and scratches and dings. Do I overlook the people who have been driving down the road less traveled and have the scars to prove it?

Chloe doesn't overlook those cars.

Does she see the people I miss? Will she continue to see the 'cars' that no one else may take a second look at?

I have a lot to learn from this 4 year old.

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