Friday, October 15, 2010

"Cook Me" Recipes

Now that the weather is cooling off, I have been feeling the urge to cook again. This hibernation during the summer happens every year, well since having kids and well since I realized the heat is what bugs my MS.

When I need a recipe, I go to I always find something that looks easy to make. The problem is mustering the courage and strength to fight the constant masses at Wal-Mart. blah.

I don't normally talk about food here, for many reasons really. One being I am a wife who likes to cook for her husband, not for others because I'm scared they will hate my food. Two, it's food and I'm highly unqualified to talk about food. BUT there are times when I run across a recipe or two that need to be shared with the world.

Here is one of them.

Chicken Cashew Lettuce Wraps

I have made PF Chang's lettuce wraps many many times and every time they are super tasty, along with being crazy easy. Then I ran across this little gem of a recipe. I tweeked it just a tad when it came to cooking the chicken. And I cooked rice along with having the option for lettuce because sometimes I don't like to be messy when I eat. I'm not a hands on eater, never have been.

We did not offer this to the kids because I didn't want them to waste it and we added the red chili sauce so it was spicy. So good and easy. OH the recipe says it makes 6. Matt and I ate it all.

The next recipe you have to make is.....

Buffalo Chicken Burgers

I must admit, when I first stumbled upon this recipe I was thinking "ground chicken?! BLAH!" Just the thought of it makes me dry heave, for real. BUT the buffalo sauce is what drew me in. It had me at buff and then hello.

I had a hard time finding ground chicken, but my wonderful meat market guy grounded that chicken for me.

I halved the recipe because again, we did not offer the kids this meal. They aren't burger kids and its kind of spicy. It was fine for us but might be too much for a child. You could probably not add buffalo sauce to their burger and it would be just fine. I dipped my burger in ranch and then the next bite I dipped in blue cheese dressing.

Beef burgers are for those seeking a heart attack. I am a chicken burger convert. The recipe said you could grill the burger, but mine were kind of crumbly. I was afraid they'd fall through the slates, so I tossed them on a cast iron at a higher heat so they'd get a crust on the outside. Paired it with some chips and that was dinner! I made the patties a few hours before dinner so they could rest.

You can tell with how awful that post is in composition and wording that I am not cut out to be a food blogger. But I will power through the awkwardness to bring a few dinner ideas.

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