Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My New Goal

At the begining of the new year, I decided I need a goal for 2011. Not a 'lose 10 lb's,' although I need it, or a eat less junk food. No, I needed a goal that means something, that will help me.


That's the name of my new goal.

I plan on reading 26 books in 52 weeks.

So far I've read 3.5

One book I started before the New Year, so it's the .5

I, like others with this goal, plan on reading fiction and non.

So far I've read:

The Potluck Club I
The Potluck Club II
Heaven Is For Real
Bringing Up Girl (.5)

I guess I could do reviews on the books I read.

I'll start with Bringing Up Girls.

-If you have a daughter, you have to read this. If you don't have a daughter, you have to read this.-

Review Complete.

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