Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Little Girl

Who is this girl?

What does her life story hold? Who will she marry, will she have kids, will that dog bite her, will she always enjoy smiling for a camera.....

There are many questions I want to ask this little girl. There are many lessons to tell her, many things she should know that could spare her tears and heart break.

Like the dog in the picture will later bite her. It's possible she hits him with a spoon, nonetheless, he bites her.

The boy she dates in high school; a loser that will break her heart. But she'll happily move on, go to college and he'll chase her, begging for forgiveness and she'll laugh.

She'll find Jesus just before her Senior year at a Fellowship Of Christian Athletes camp. He'll change her life. He'll give her hope, peace, comfort and blessings all of which she won't deserve.

Her parents will destroy her dreams of a family. She will be forever scarred, no matter what they say or do, it will never go away. No matter what. Her parents will think, all is well, we've moved on, but little does she know she will always have a scar.

She'll meet a man. A true gentlemen, a prince. He'll sweep her off her feet, like a princess. She deserves a prince. I wonder if she knows that?

This prince will marry her. He'll be a wonderful mate and father. I wonder if she dreams of being a mommy?

She'll get an illness, it'll scare her, but she does her best to not worry.

She'll have kids one day. They'll drive her bonkers, but she'll love them more than she could ever realize.

She'll become a woman. She'll become a Godly woman.

Know how I know?

It's me.

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