Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekly "I AM"

Outside my window... The sun is making its way into our west facing window. The grass is turning brown, but if you were to see the grass in the backyard, it's green because the kids play in the water. It's just so hot and windy which in turn creates the 'blowdryer effect.' That's the feeling of a blowdryer being blown in your face. blah

I am thinking... We probably won't move until next spring. A total bummer but we both agree that paying off our little remaining debt would be a better idea. I'm also still thinking about how Dave Ramsey answered my Twitter question ON AIR today! He called me Megan, but that's okay. It's a common mistake. He still answered my question AND said it was a good one. haha  I've also got butterflies on my mind, but that's for a later post I've been working on in my head.

I am planning to cook... tonight it's Chili Lime Chicken Tostadas. Then hopefully there's leftovers for dinner tomorrow. Also on the menu is the herb crusted cod from last week and my version of a succotash.

I am reading... Still working on "The Ambition." C1 is at Grandma and Grandpa's this week, so hopefully I can get some quality reading in.

I am wearing... shorts and a t shirt and of course socks. This question is retiring because no one cares what I'm wearing. I'm a stay at home mom who doesn't care about fashion only about staying cool so ya, this is dumb.

I am hearing... C3 chatter. I swear she can say "momma." I ask her and she repeats it and laughs. And Jeopordy is on in the background. I watch it hoping I can get at least one question right.

I am learning... Hmmm, I'm trying to learn Colbie. She's so different in a fun way, but I have to learn how she works. haha Not sure if I mention about Strong Willed Children, but I'm learning about them as well. It's working!! Just have to ask the right questions. :)
I am praying... for a lot of things but one being us moving.

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