Sunday, November 20, 2011

Weekly "I AM"

"I will praise the Lord at all times. I will constantly speak his praises." -Psalm 34:1

Outside my window... It's dark and it's cold, really cold.

I am thinking... That I might start doing these "I AM" things on Sunday. Technically, the week starts on Sunday and I have more time to type these then. It's hard to find a moment during the week to blog. Well, I take that back. I have moments. I just don't blog when I have them. I usually eat or nap.

Colbie turns 1 on Saturday and I'm still in shock. She is just about walking. She can take one good solid step but then she sits down. She is signing like crazy 'milk' and 'eat.' Somehow she learned how to blow kisses! I'm not sure where she learned this heart melting skill but we love it and it's hilarious! She is very funny and within the past month or so has really started to try and make us laugh. Now I just wish she would sleep through the night. She just won't for us. Last night she woke at her usual 1:30. We fed her and got her back to sleep and in her bed. Then she slept until almost 9:30!!! What?! I don't get her.

I am really excited for Thanksgiving. Last year, I was screaming in pain, begging nurses to give me pain meds. I was in labor but not in labor. I was stuck at a 2cm for all. day. It was terrible and so stinking painful. She was born the next day after 24 hours of labor. If we have another kid, I wonder if I'll labor faster? Ya, doubtful.

I like coffee.

I am planning to cook... I have no idea. I do have all the makings for chicken and rice soup. It's a short week and my mind doesn't want to think. I do have desserts on my mind though! haha

I am reading... I had to put down "Bringing Up Boys" for now. I'll read it here and there but I just needed some more action and something I can read a little faster because I'm almost out of time to reach my goal of 26 books this year. Sooo, I bought a Bill Hybels book called "Just Walk Across the Room." I'm really excited about this one. I am loving it so far, but I love Bill and his way of teaching.

I am hearing... The tv is on in the background and Matt is getting his stuff ready for work tomorrow.

I am praying... For us moving, some personal things that I'm not ready to share here, and for friends.

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