Friday, September 16, 2016

Night One

I'm about to go to bed and complete "Night Two" but I had to write the following down...

Earlier today, I got sucked into my phone and nearly caught the food on the stove on fire.

A quesadilla to be exact. I mean I blackened it. Smoke filled the whole kitchen and adjoining rooms. I opened a window but zero wind meant no airflow. I put purification in the diffuser but still smoke was visible and smell-able.

Kids came home from school and one step into the house and they were whining about the smell. I couldn't smell it anymore. Coop began saying his stomach hurt and the smell was making it worse.

Side note: When I was a kid, I rode the bus. There would be times I would get on the bus and smell what I would describe as burnt french fries. It was awful but no one else could smell it. Every. single. time. I smelled that smell, I got sick that night or the next day. Every time.

So when he seemed uber sensitive to that smell... Made me wonder.

I took him to soccer but we ended up leaving early because of his stomach.

Got home and the two P's hit; poop and puke.

Got him in the tub with Epsom and lavender then straight to bed.

I was just on my way to bed but stopped to check if he had a fever. His body was really hot. Even the parts of him not covered were very warm.

I started praying and my favorite song came on his radio, "No Longer Slaves."

I sang it over him.

He got cool.

You read that right. His body was no longer hot. While I was holding his hand, him asleep, me singing... his body was no longer hot to the touch.

I can't stop smiling. Right before my eyes. Never had that happen before!

I'm gonna continue praying and continue battling the evil that wants to take him out.

Now on to Night Two and Day Two.

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