Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bathroom Time Reflection

When I was taking my shower this afternoon I found myself thinking. I usually do my best thinking either in the shower on on the toilet. When you pee as much as I do throughout a day, thirty second intervals can add up to many many minutes of quality reflection. This time of reflection was while in the shower, luckily.

I was thinking back to when Chloe Joy was born. No, I wasn't thinking about the pain, pure exhaustion or any of the other gory details, I was actually thinking about the good stuff. For those of you that have had children, remember the moment when the doctor gives you your baby? You just look at it with an excitement unknown to those who have not experienced it, but yet with a hint of "hmmm, I guess it's nice to meet you." I can remember every moment from the refreshing ice cold water they dumped on my on fire vajaja to the moment the nurses weighed her and I hear Matt say with a tone I've never heard, "I guessed it exactly right, Megan!" He was so pumped he had guessed her weight right on the money.

Then all is calming down... After her bath, the nurses bring her in to us, she's got a cute little bow in her hair and a fancy white T-shirt. Matt and I argue over who gets her and I win only because I am the source of nutrition, but the good part soon follows. I lay her on my chest and she fits perfectly and we fall asleep. Remember that part? Then Matt wakes up, he had fallen asleep while I was feeding her, and snatches her from me. He lays her on his chest and she fits even better on his, and they fall asleep. I look at them and it's just so cute and sweet. Remember that?

We go home and life is tiring, but fulfilling. I tell this because thinking about it made me get really excited for those "good" feelings again!! I'm excited for those moments. The only thing that will be different? There will be one car seat already anchored inside the truck and we will be making room for number two.

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