Friday, January 4, 2008

Pandora's Box & Natalie Grant

Pandora's Box was opened this evening.

It was the box of emotions. So what do I do to curb the outbreak of tears? Friend, let me tell you, I discover Natalie Grant's music video "In Better Hands" and proceed to watch it. Is it good? Yes, yes it is very good, BUT a pregnant, highly emotional woman should not watch it!

I drive my husband crazy when I'm feeling sad and I then hunt out what ever song, show, movie and or book I can find to really enhance my oh so pregnant emotions. That's what I did this evening.

He had hurt my feelings, unintentionally. What do I do? Watch her video and bawl. Then what do I do? Make Matt watch it w/ me. :) After he saw it he said, "Yep, that was sad, thanks for that Megan." I can laugh now b/c I ran out of tears. You see, I watched that video a good 5 times.

I'm dehydrated, I'm going to get a glass of water.

here's the link... do watch it, but have a tissue handy

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