Thursday, January 24, 2008

"Hit him in the achilles!!"

Matt plays basketball on Tuesday nights at a local church. The deal is if he gets Chloe to bed before he leaves he can play all night for all I care.

On Tues. night he left to play and not much later I hear him pull in the drive. He was supposed to stop by Wal-Mart on his way home and grab the infamous t.p. and diapers. When he enters the first thing I notice is his lack of white bad for the environment bags, then I notice he isn't walking right. I thought he just twisted an ankle or something. He sits down on the couch and tells me he thinks he really hurt his foot, he thought he messed up his achilles. The first thing that comes to my mind. (gosh this is horrible) "It's the begining of the year! Our deductible has started over! Here we go doctor bills."

We get in to see an orthopod, he does an x-ray and says, "Bad news is you tore it half way, good news is you didn't tear it all the way." He then followed with what I thought was even better news, "We don't do surgery for something like this. We used to but research has shown the results are the same if not better without surgery." I was relieved, I was visualizing not as much money leaving our already empty bank account.

They casted him up and we left. As we were walking out I realized then and there how much Matt is a huge part of the team. Do not get me wrong I tell him often how much I appreciate him, but in that moment I came to realize I don't tell him often enough! I had to carry Miss Chloe, diaper bag, coat and myself out to the car. Sounds easy, but Chloe thoroughly enjoys walking and my pants do not stay up! So I'm walking, carrying everything and at least 2 extra people, while pulling up my pants. I take Matt to work and then the real fun begins. I get to go to Wal-Mart!!! whewhoo (sarcastically) Matt and I usually tag team that adventure, but I knew that wasn't and isn't going to happen for another 3 weeks, unless he rides in the scooter. ha

I get home unload groceries, which usually if I go shopping alone, it's Matt's responsibility to unload both the car and bags. I work on my new adventure for a few hours and then start dinner. While I'm doing all this I seriously thought I was going to go into labor. By the end of the night, the baby had completely rearranged ALL my internal organs and my back was on fire.

So I am counting down the 3 weeks, as I'm sure Matt is as well. I can't thank him enough for being such a big help to me and I love him!

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