Thursday, March 20, 2008

March Madness

It's that time of year yet again!! Yippeee!! I have to admit I love March Madness. Every year my husband and I fill out a bracket. We have a point system set up and we get points for getting teams correct. I have won every year since we've been married (5)! We usually make a bet. For instance, one year the bet was if I won I got a new fishing pole. (I only had one at the time and I needed a bass rod & reel.) If he won, I think he got a new pole as well, it was either a new pole or new shoes. Well, I got the new pole that year. ; ) Another year, I scored a new pair of running shoes! Poor Matt he has yet to win. He really thinks this year is his year, I keep telling him it's not going to be. He picks w/ emotion, I pick w/ logic.

We haven't made a bet yet, we have just filled out our brackets. It is going to get heated this year b/c our brackets are fairly similar. If Butler looses and Kansas doesn't fold, I've got this thing in the bag!! ; )

OH I just thought of what I want if I win.... A pedicure! ;)

A little FYI... The men's basketball team of our alma mater, The University of Central Oklahoma has made it to the Elite Eight in D-II!! Go Bronchos!!

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