Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pedi-virgin No More

Tonight I stepped over to the other side. I am now understanding why people, usually women but I am sure there are men, love getting pedicures. I have never had one until tonight and man have I been missing out. The pedicurist (I made that up, not sure if it's a real term) wasn't able to really "massage" my feet due to the fact I am pregnant, but it was still a wonderful experience. I now know what Matt can get me for all holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and any time he needs to get me a something; gift certificate for a pedicure. I chose a pink color and probably shouldn't have b/c my feet aren't tan, but I don't care I still have pretty toes.

How good are those feet going to look in stirrups?


  1. Theyook great!! And I love the pink!!! Werayed 4 u tonight at Bible Study!!

  2. They are the best thing! I am glad you had one.

  3. Once you get your first pedi, you're never the same. Congrats! How are you feeling besides the obvious? I miss my old MOPS group!!! :-(

  4. I have never got one! Sounds great! You deserve it!


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