Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter 08

We had a really great Easter this year. We got up and I went to Wal-Mart to grab some staple items and to power walk, hoping to push along labor (didn't work) then we watched Life online. Some friends had invited us to their family's house to eat and hung eggs. Even though it seemed a little awkward, we decided it would be nice to spend Easter with someone's family. I am the only Christian in my family and Matt's side has two pastors, so celebrating holidays on the actual day will never happen.
They had just opened the doors, they older kids made a mad dash to their area and the little kids slowly made their way outside. Chloe was just happy to be near the swings which you will see in a moment. This year was her first year to hunt Easter eggs. We weren't sure if she would understand how to do it but...
...once Matt showed her where to go she was on fire. She saw all the eggs and thought they were balls. He said, "Pick it up... put it in your purse." And she did just that.

Then she had it down.

Matt told her to show me what she had so she grabbed an egg out of her purse and showed me.

Once he realized she wasn't going to come show me he said, "Go show momma what's in your purse."

She was walking towards me while I was snapping and I couldn't get one of her with her eyes open before she got too close.

She ran back to the swings. She was done with the eggs and now she had her mind set on 'wing.' Matt put her up there , but she didn't get to swing as long as she wanted and threw a huge fit when we went inside. She kept crying, "wing, wing, wing."

We got a family shot. I look like a swollen watermelon.

I sure do look mighty puffy.

We had such a great day, thanks to Lela & Jared for inviting us to your fam's house. When we got home I couldn't stop saying how much fun I had. I was so excited for Chloe's first Easter Egg Hunt and for getting that special picture of her picking up her first egg (that's the one posted). She gave all the treats inside the eggs to her friend Will and we kept a few of the empty eggs for her to play with at home. What a day... Jesus rose from the dead!!!! & my little girl got to hunt Easter eggs.


  1. Megan I love reading your blog for many reasons but especially for pics like the one of your barren back yard desert...:) U R so funny! The Easter pics are cute and u look great! U don't look like a puffy watermelon, but have that kid already would ya?

  2. As I am reading your blog today, I can hear you talking. I love it!!! You look wonderful, and so does the whole family all four of you=)

  3. Look how cute she is! I am glad you had a wonderful Easter.

  4. I'm expecting a call from Betsy anytime now telling me Baby Knox has finally arrived .


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