Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Our Yard

A reason I started this blog, was for me to have a forum to "go-off" every once in a while on issues pertinent to my life, family or the world. This will be an entry where I use this as my forum to vent on a certain issue... Enjoy!


When Matt and I got married, one of my dreams was to have a house with a really nice fescue filled yard. I wanted nothing more than a yard with constant blooming flowers like tulips, gerbera daisies (those are my fav.), pansies, a big hydrangea plant and green green grass that you can walk barefoot in and it feels cold to the bottoms of your feet.

Last summer, Matt and I won/bid on gift certificates to a local sod store. (I am having an inner battle with not putting their name on this) We won the G.C's in June or July. In Aug. we found out we were pregnant and soon after started having some complications, so the sod laying got put on the back burner.

Summer came and went. Then fall rolled around and Matt was going to get the sod laid, but he wanted a fresh start. He was advised to kill all of the current grass, wait two weeks, dump new dirt and then lay the sod. He accomplishes the grass killing and we/I wait.

Winter arrives and we are getting to the end of the G.C's validity (Dec.31). In early to mid December Matt feverishly tries to get a hold of someone at the sod store and fails. Apparently, they close down in December.

The New Year has arrived. We were going to get our sod in January, BUT if you have read my past blogs you know that in January Matt became a cripple. The sod guy said he would give us a "deal" but we didn't know exactly what that meant. I thought maybe he would give us at least one pallet even though we were supposed to get two.


My dream is now this reality... I have dead grass, no flowers and a partially dirt covered lawn.

The sod guy did offer to "sell" us sod at a discount. (A normal person might take that deal, but since I know the background, that is a ripoff.)


We bought those G.C's at the radio's auction. The sod guy tried to tell me he "donated" the gift certificates to the station and therefore has to charge us b/c those "donations" were on last years taxes. I know for a fact those certificates were bought by my boss in exchange for him buying air time! He got paid for the certificates and wants to get double his money. One may argue in his defense that we didn't meet the deadline. That is true, but the deadline was December 31st, not December 15th when he closed his store and never returned our calls. If the store closes on the 15th then put the 15th as the last day the gift certificates are valid.

"You can't pull the sod over my eyes, buddy."

If there were another sod place in Bartlesville, oh did that give it away? OOPS ;) I would pay more money just to not have to pay him for sod already purchased.


  1. wow! what a pain! I hope you get the yard of your dreams someday soon...I have a secret dream of having a beautiful yard...I doubt its going to happen, my hubby doesnt share my dream lol! Good luck!

  2. Wow you worked at a boys ranch? We worked at Oklahoma Lions Boys Ranch in Perkins. Our boss was actually from Bartlesville.


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