Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Prayer Interrupted

So I've been a really bad blogger lately. It's hard to write when the computer is in Coop's room and the banging on the keys usually wakes him sooner than I'd like.

On Monday, I had a really bad tingling moment. I thought I could swim but apparently I can not. So I was laid up in bed until my PT friend could come help me. I'll talk more about all that later. I go to the neuro on Friday and I will try to discuss the MS thing with him. I do not want it to be that, but it is looking more likely.

Anywhoo, here is Chloe in bed with me while I recovered. Before I got the phone out to tape her I had asked her to pray for mommy. She said, "Dear Geezus, Thank you fer mommy, Aaaamen." It was awesome. Matt said he heard her at the table talking and he said, "Chloe what are you saying." She said, "Pray for Cooper."

But the funny part is at the very end. The praying is sweet, but the reason for posting this is at the end.

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  1. still sending lots of prayers your way. Specifically that God gives the Docs the wisdom that leads to a diagnosis.

    and my goodness, that girl is adorable. How do you stand being around such a magnatude of cuteness?


For Christ's love compels us, because we are convinced that one died for all, and therefore all died. -Corinthians 5:14