Monday, June 15, 2009

Snake Thief

This past Thursday and Friday, Matt and I spent every waking moment fishing. It was nice. It was what we did before kids. We'd come home from work, I worked before kids, load up the truck and head off to Pawhuska. We could get a good 3 hours of fishing before it got too dark. On the weekends, we'd bring a light so we could fish into the night. The last time Matt and I fished together, Chloe was just shy of being a year old. That is so long ago feels like, in fishing years.

Thursday we caught a bunch of fish. Friday, the fish were not biting as much. We managed to catch four, put them on a stringer and Matt said, "Keep an eye on those fish so the turtles don't get them."

I can remember Matt saying a while later, "Megan check those fish, it sounds like something is getting them." He could tell because they were thrashing around. I look, "Oh they're just up under the dock." I grab the stringer to pull them out and they don't. I sit there kind of watching them. Then all of the sudden they float out from under the dock and it was then I saw the devil.

Holy cow, did I have a cow. It was the most unbelievable sight I had ever seen. That snake was doing all it could to steal our fish! It took about a minute for it to finally let go and leave. I only filmed a few seconds because it kept looking at me with its wee beedy eyes.

So we spent the evening chasing off snakes and a few turtles. Still, it was a lot of fun.


  1. I would have left the MOMENT I saw that snake and that would be the last of me fishing! You're a lot more brave then me! Glad you guys enjoyed your time together!

  2. Nice fish, i would have died. I hate snakes. You were brave.


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